Monday, July 14, 2008

It's about time my blog is recognized for its magnificence and significance AND I think we're ALONE now.

How 'bout that title? Betcha can't write a longer one than that.

I humbly accept this wonderful award from Shelle at Blokthoughts. This girl's the real deal. Not only is she cute and funny, but honest, which is one of the reasons I read her blog. But, warning ... she is super cute. You might not be able to get past that. 

So, of course, the rules are to give this to seven people who fit into the BRILLIANT BLOG category. The dilemma is this ... there are way more than seven people that meet this criteria, so I will have to change the criteria. 

Here's what I'm gonna do ... if you've received more than one award, you are out of the running. I mean ... I wouldn't want you to get a big head or anything. It's purely to keep you humble. And if I couldn't find any awards on your blog and you've already received some, forgive me and just graciously accept mine.

So, without further ado ...

1. Drama Mama from The Drama Pond - Another Southern lady, and speaking of honesty ... she goes there without hesitation and with humor. I may have even given you an award before, but i didn't find it.
2. Tami at Muddlin' Thru Motherhood - Yep ... you guessed it. She's from the South. Honestly, I'm not being biased here. I've got some great blogging friends from the North too. She's a sweet mama and I like seeing the fun things she does with her family through all the pictures she posts.
3. Carlie at Why Ask Why - She's a real friend that I see often. When I need to know where to get a good deal and what's on sale, I go to her blog. She's got the scoop and she's good at all that saving money stuff.
4. Blessed With Five - Pretty sad when you identify someone with their blog name and not real name ... I think it's JuJu. Anyway, this is a SAHM blog. She's a busy woman and I love to hear her stories about what's going on in her family and the things her kids do. She's a sweet one.
5. Andrea at Mommy Snacks - She's another frugal mommy that amazes me. I rely on her too much. Keep it up, Andrea!

That's it! I couldn't find anyone else. If I missed you, please go ahead and take the award. Remember, no more than one award. Don't be selfish.

This award came at a perfect time on the most perfect day. 

I was kinda sad this morning after having to drop my little baby girls (I know they're 7 and 10 ... please, just bear with me.) at the church to head off to church camp. It's the little one's first time. I know that she'll have a great time, but I just have the Mommy-worries ... 

"Will she remember what shirt goes with what shorts?"
"Will she rinse all the shampoo out of her hair without my help?"
"Will she miss me at night before she goes to bed?"
"Will her sister help her, comfort her, include her, exclude her, fight with her, be sweet to her?"
"Will she just eat junk?"
"Will she stay safe in the pool, lake, and other activities?"
"Will she find some of her own friends to hang out with?"
"Will she be sad at all?"
"Will she brush her teeth well?"
"Will she remember sunscreen?"
"Will she be able to put the fitted sheet on her bed?"
"Will she open up her heart to the move of God?"

Just to let you know, because I know you're wondering ... the house is totally WEIRD and a little LONELY without the girls. Beau and I have been away from them before, but we've never been home for this amount of time and them be the ones that are gone. 

So, let's look on the positive side here ...

No cooking
No arguing
Quiet bath time
Not watching Hannah Montana (Don't get me wrong. It's a good show.)
Cleaning up after just me
Time ALONE with my HUBBY (wink, wink)


Drama Mama said...

I'd like to thank the academy....I just don't know what to say....I'm so honored...
My first award!!!! WOW!
I'm gonna put it up on the Drama Pond bigger than *#@%! I am so proud of it!
and I will pass it on to other well deserving southern bloggers!

blessedwith5 said...

I AM TOTALLY IN AWE and speechless! Did I say speechless? Yes I did - Mama Belle you have accomplished a monumental task by leaving me speechless!

I love your blog and read it every day!

Thank you so much for the AWARD - I will treasure it ALWAYS!!! My first one you know!

Oh - by the way . . . my nieces have called me JuJu since they were old enough to talk! My real name is Julie! I do think it awesome that you called me JuJu - that is actually what my license plates on my SUV say!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

YAY for you!!! You totally deserve it...your blogs is one of my fav's!

Andrea said...

Awww - I'm so excited!!! And, the title made me sing Debbie Gibson's, "I think we're along now..." or was that Tiffany? I'm aging myself here!!! You are one of my faves that "keep it real" so keep on doing what ya do!!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Yay! Good for you.

Your baby girls will have an awesome time, although I can completely understand the Mommy-worries going through your head.
Take advantage of the alone time! :) Like you really needed me to encourage you to do that, right?

~T. said...

Aw, all good Mamas worry about their kiddos at camp. She'll miss you tons I'm sure, but she'll also have a fantastic time, kinda balances out that way sometimes I guess.
Have a great week!

Brandi said...

I just found your blog through a friend's. It's adorable and I'll be back. . gotta go read the archives to see why you won! You must be something special!


jennifer said...

I love Drama Mama and Bless With 5 They are great bloggers! I'll have to check out the links!


Tami said...

My first award and I don't even have a speech prepared. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! Thank you! Your blog is awesome and I read it everyday. Thanks again for the awesome award.

Shelle said...

Okay, so I'm pretty sure they will forget to brush their teeth, because kids don't have time to do that kind of silly stuff. Her sister is going to pick on her AND be sweet to her. She will miss you before she goes to bed because she loves you and it's routine to see least from your blog it seems that way...I think the sunscreen is in the same boat as the brushing teeth..Oh and she MOST definitely will eat junk food!

There you go...ease any of your worries?

But the positives seem to out weigh the negatives...especially the alone time with the hubby!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Congrats on the award.

I am now headed to bed with tears in my eyes...did you have to go and post that sweet mommy worry list? UGH!

Bless your time alone and your girls time away!

Carlie Faulk said...

That's a great title ~ lol!

Thanks for the great award :) You're so much fun!! Have I told you that I really love reading your blog? tea