Friday, July 4, 2008

The Best Kind of Freedom

So far ... today has been a perfect day. Of course, it is only 9:00 a.m., but, hey ... if the rest of today is like this morning ... pure joy!

My summer goal to wake up late didn't happen, but I did get some good prayer time in since I was the only one awake in the  house.

La Petite Belle was the first to rise. She came down the stairs crying ... you know, that sleep-crying. Those bad dreams ... they make me so angry. She dreamed a dragon had eaten our whole family. While this part was not perfect for her, the cuddling and comforting time after was awesome.

I had my first cup of my own coffee out of my own coffee pot. I made coffee-milk for La Petite Belle. I think this is a southern thing, not sure. It's where you put a little bit of coffee in a cup with a lot of milk and sugar. I used to drink this as a kid with my grandparents. La Petite Belle is following in my footsteps. She loves it. Now, before you go gettin' all motherly on me and sayin', "You give your child coffee (gasp)?". She only has it every once in a while. It is a treat for her. 

We took our coffee milk outside to the good ol' cypress swing. We just sat there, swinging, enjoying our coffee-milk and conversation. We read the newspaper together and watched Roxy Belle exploring the yard while listening to the birds. I love to hear all the birds singing in the morning.

La Petite Belle and I came inside and cooked cheese omelets. She loves to help, almost to a fault. She cracked the eggs, whisked them, poured them in the pan, and put the cheese in them.

Now, she's playing, "Dancing With the Stars" on the Wii. K Belle is still asleep ... that turkey! 

Later, we'll be going to our annual 4th Family Celebration at the church. Just so thankful for the country we live in. Ya'll, we are BLESSED!

But, in saying all that, I'm most thankful that my soul is set free and the freedom I have in Christ, a freedom that will last forever. Here's another song I'm liking right now ... The Freedom We Know, from United.


blessedwith5 said...

Thanks for the great clip!

Yes, we do have MUCH to be thankful for!

Hopeyou get to sleep in soon!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Happy 4th! I'm thankful right alongside you to live in a country that is FREE. We are SO blessed.

Coffee-milk...actually, right now that sounds delicious to me. :) I haven't had coffee in a couple of weeks (trying to limit my consumption) so when I saw you writing about it, my Starbucks radar went up. Now I might just have to go get some.

Tami said...

I think it is a Southern thing too. My boys drink it a lot. It usually has more coffee than milk especially when my mom makes it for them. But you might as well get them started early. Maci Clare is drinking it too and she is one.

Elizabeth said...

Coffee-milk sounds great! My 4-yr-old has a very hyper personality and I've been told to give him caffeine to calm him down. This sounds like a way better option than soda!

Southern Plate said...

I had the exact same thing when I was a girl every time I visited my grandparents! I make it for my son, too. Usually once a week or so when he's having a rough morning or just needs to enjoy the perk of being older! You know, when you think about it, a cup of milk with a little coffee and some sugar stirred in is heaps better than a coke!!

Hope you are having a great day!