Sunday, June 15, 2008

Those Things You Do

There are so many things you do that our girls love you for:
Air hugs
Butterfly, Eskimo, & Fish Kisses
Tickling them until they almost pee on themselves
Slow motion boxing 
Wii Competitions
Saturday morning pancakes
Taking them for snowcones
Trips to Cafe' Chi Alpha and Ci Ci's Coffee
Cuddling in the big bed
Doing a better ponytail & high bun than Mommy
Notes in their lunch boxes
The embarrassing dancing you do while driving
Embarrassing screaming of their names & WOO-HOOs when they are in front of an audience
Songs you've written for them and make up at any time
Ganging up against Mommy about going out to eat instead of going home
Chasing them around the house
Going with you to Home Depot and Lowe's
Jamming with their Daddy when he is on guitar

And so much more! Too many things to write!

But the thing they love you for the most is that you are just an all-around great dad. You are always there for them and show them that they are beautiful and loved.

Happy Father's Day! I love you!


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blessedwith5 said...

What a sweet tribute!

Wendi said...

Are we lucky or what?? What could be better than an amazing daddy for our kids? I always feel so overwhelmed with thankfulness when I see my guy with our boys. IT's so great! Glad you have that honor as well. :)