Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random Thoughts #1

I still have not finished unpacking all the suitcases from our vacation.

We had to drink out of mugs tonight at dinner because all of our glasses are dirty ... Time to run the dishwasher, dummy.

My girls are at camp this week where they have to wear the same t-shirt every day. Know what that means? Mama has to wash the shirts every night.

Boca Burgers are delicious. We had them tonight with Ezekiel 4:9 bread and all the fixins and they were yummy. Beau said the only that there were only a few things that would make the burgers better ... to have meat on them, cheese, mayo, and white bread. 

I ran this afternoon in 104 degree weather. Very HOT!

I'm very happy about the higher rise jeans that are out ... how cute are these! Love, love, love!

and overjoyed to say goodbye to this ... NO MORE COIN SLOT (I never had one, but have seen many.) So long, farewell, avid dessange (sp?), good night!


Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

That was hilarious! I, too, have never had a coin slot (as I'm sure many are thankful for), and am happy to see them go. Who started that nonsense anyway?! LOL!

OK, go do your dishes and I'll do mine. Deal?

One Beloved Sister said...

Hilarious!!! :) I have hated low, low rise jeans from day 1. I am sharing this video with my Mom who (bless her heart) has heard my angst while shopping everywhere for "normal" pants!

Jill @ Live Laugh Blog said...

I am so interested in this fast. Please share lots and lots and lots more!


Wendi said...

That was freaky... I was just hanging out at your blog while you left a comment on mine...OOHHH! Does that ever creep you out? Any way THANK YOU for giving me my best laugh of the day! :) I needed a good laugh in light of the bleakness that is going on in my corner of the world at this time... Thank you for your sweet words. They mean alot to me.
I for one am a little bit unsure of the high waist jeans... I just don't know if they are the most figure flattering. I know that coin slots are far from figure flattering....:) But I thought the higher waist jeans from the 80s kind of accentuated the tummy and hips... I'm sure I'll jump on board soon enough though. :)
Peace, love, and hugs,