Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Fever and Medical Advice

La Petite Belle had fever last night after her swimming lessons. Her head hurt; her stomach hurt, so I gave her some Advil and sent her to bed. I had a babysitter coming the next day, but I couldn't ask a babysitter to care for my sick child, so I'm home today. 

This morning, of course, La Petite Belle is fever-free. I mean, believe me I'm happy about that, but what is up with the random fevers your kids get and then they are perfect the next day? Or you know, when you finally get an appointment with the doctor and the minute you show up, your child is fine ... no fever, no cough, no symptoms, no stomach-ache, and you feel like an idiot? You say, "Doctor, I promise she had been running fever for several days, throwing up, etc., etc., etc.." They always seem to be the picture of health at that point.

On another note, K Belle returned from a trip last Friday, sunburned as usual. You see, she has extremely fair skin and I have to douse her in sunscreen of SPF 50, and sometimes she still burns. So, she went to the beach and claims that she did put her sunscreen on, however her face was dry, peeling, and red, along with her shoulders. She had a few tiny bumps on one side of her nose. I treated her skin with aloe vera gel and moisturizers. Then, the bumps got larger and larger. I've been putting Neosporin on them. They seem to be drying up, but I'm not sure. She also has a cold sore under her nose, which I've also been putting Neosporin and Carmex on. I guess they just get uglier before they get better. Has anyone had any experience with getting bumps from being out in the sun too long? Yes, I'm asking for medical advice from the internet, but I figure, you're all moms too. I would ask my mom friends here the same question. Maybe you know something about this, maybe not. Here's a pic of those little ugly things on my baby's beautiful face.
Last thing, if you're kids' brains are turning to mush from too much Wii or TV or movies or simply playing, which mine are. They have been in several camps, but have had nothing planned this week or for next week, so I bought these to keep their minds occupied. I just have them do a page a day, and they actually enjoy doing them. When I taught school, all the teachers, including myself, recommended this to parents. There is a book for each grade level. They're great! You should be able to find them at your local educational supply store or online. I even saw some on here at

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blessedwith5 said...

I use Melagel by You have to order it. Since this is something that you can get today, I would recommend getting Tea Tree Oil and put a little dab on the spots. The Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic and works wonders. The smell of it is a bit strong, but just know that it works!

Fevers: I too know how those random fevers are - no explanation and they are gone as quickly as they come!