Thursday, June 26, 2008

"No" to Botox, but "Yes" to Boobs

This morning I asked Beau if I could have one of those surgeries to get my boobs lifted. I'm not sure of the actual name of that type of surgery, but I'm sure it's not the "boob lift" surgery. Anyway, I'm sure you all know what pregnancies and babies do to your once perky, could-stand-alone breasts. I call them my "sacks of marbles." I miss my young breasts, and I want them back. I'm not saying augmentation, just pull 'em up.

The fact that Beau was totally OK with my doing this came as a shock to me, seeing as I asked him if I could get just half a syringe of Botox in my forehead and he said a vehement "NO." I'm just not gettin' it! He said that if we can pay off all our credit cards and get him a new car, then I could do it. I'm actually just in shock that he is cool with this. Funny. Now, I'm starting to question the boobs I do have.

To all of you that are offended by this post. I'm sorry. Sometimes you just gotta tell it like it is. Is anyone else's hubby opposed or encouraging plastic surgery?

I have mixed feelings about the whole subject. I think it's all in the motives you have. But, I do feel, if we truly ... I mean, TRULY, comprehended the love that God has for us, this wouldn't even be an issue for us women.  

By the way, have you all seen this book? It's about helping kids cope or understand their mother's plastic surgery and why she looks differently than she used to. It's real, ya'll.

I know that the world has dictated to us how we should feel about ourselves and our bodies, but I don't want that. And I also know that a lot of Christian women have had lots of plastic surgery, but is it right for me and why am I doing it? What would Jesus say about plastic surgery? Would He be OK with it or say, "You are fearfully and wonderfully made"? In short, I don't know what I will do. I probably won't do a thing, but grow old gracefully (hopefully). 

It seems weird to post a worship song in a post about boobs, but here goes. 

This is a great song done by United called "All I Need is You," which is the cry of my heart. I want my hope and desires to be for Him more than by hope and desires for the way I look or anything else.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Oh, I get to be the first boob commenter!!! HA!

Since having 3 children and gaining/losing 50 pounds each time...I totally know what you're talking about...I call mine 80 year old woman ones ;)

But, I figure if ya fix 'em...they're eventually gonna head south AND I DON'T wanna be an 80 year old with perky ones still!!!

YAY for the invention of the underwire! WOO HOO!

thanks for keeping it real mama belle :)

Queen B said...

My husband would totally be ok with it. Which is weird to me.

I think that if you are doing it for you...because it would make you feel good about you, then it is ok. If you (or anyone) are doing it to please someone else, then I think reevaluate. But what do I know! I'm way to chicken!!

Tami said...

There have been several ladies my age at our church that have had "boob surgery". They had them enlarged and since then are still wanting to go bigger. So my thoughts... I totally disagree with the whole thing. I could never do it because of the "fearfully and wonderfully made" thing. I don't know. For me as a Christian, I guess that there are so many things that I can think of to "further the kingdom" with all that money. I may be wrong but I would be so full of guilt. And believe me if anyone needs boob surgery, it is me!!! After nursing 4 children, my boobs don't even look like boobs anymore. But hey, I just think of the reasons (all 4 of them) and I am pleased with what I got.

Carlie Faulk said...

well we've talked about it. I like mine the size they are and they look great in a Victoria's Secret underwire, but that's where the love stops. I'd love to get a breast lift, but it's not in the budget. Amazingly Chris is OK with it too. Weird - I know.

BTW - love the song. It's one of my favorites.

Soliloquy said...

Well, you know where I stand - being that I'm scheduled and everything for August 22.

But these are all great questions. And while your commenters hold different opinions, I don't think there's a right or wrong across the board.

Jesus cares about our HEARTS first and foremost. You were dead on with your motivation and identity.

If it's not right for you, one or both of you will not have a peace about it.

Great post! I love your heart.

blessedwith5 said...

Thanks for the great post! You keep it so real! I think boob surgery is between you and your hubby - just like intimacy. I think Jesus cares about our motives and that we not become prideful. Getting your "boobs" uplifted isn't prideful, just maintenance! ha ha
Besides it is better than singing that old little song . . .
Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow, can you throw them ore your shoulder like a continental soldier, do your boobs hand low?

Kim Chandler said...

mama already know how I feel....I agree with most of the comments and I would feel guilty spending all that money when it could be used for other things for God...but it wouldn't take me long to get over it...especially when my husband would say WOW!! heeeheee
Just keepin' it real !!!

Andrea said...

OK, because I know this won't offend you, you know that song, "There is Power in the blood." Well, there might just be some power in those boobs ya got :-)

Obviously, we're "fearfully and wonderfully made," but I'm right there with ya - although since I've been losing weight, my little sack of marbles is turning into just a sack with a few marbles - like three :-)

Andrea said...

Oh, and I love the song! I never heard it before but it's a great one to meditate on!!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I agree that there is not a right or wrong across the board for everyone. If I were brave enough and I only had myself to consider, I'd do it. In a heartbeat. But my hubby is dead set against it. He says he likes them the way they are, and that no one else gets to see them so it shouldn't matter. So. While I am not a fan of the complete and utter sagginess, I will just learn to live with it. :)

jessica @pianomomsicle said...

Interesting post!

i don't have much to say about it. Currently, i've only bf one child so far, so mine aren't too bad yet. But if getting yours perked up a little would help your self esteem and your relationship with your hubs, and you can afford it, and you feel peace with it!

Shelle said...

I actually agree with the boob lift...I am definitely goinng to get one if ever financially available! But NO to botox...It's just natural to not see laugh and smile lines!

Leigh said...

I can appreciate this post. I have been wanting to have a boob reduxtion. I am a miserable 36 double d. Misery. I would love to be, say a small C. BUt my husband does NOT want me to get a redux. He says "do not go messing with what God created". But I know that his own motives and appreciation is wrapped in that sentence. I say all of this because I think it is your own personal choice. I wonder to myself, does the Lord want be to be miserable and have back aches. I know this would subside with my own surgical wants.
Pray about it. Seek his guidance. And do what you feel that you need to do.
Good luck!

Robin said...

New to your blog. Hello! I have had an augmentation and have mixed feelings about it. The original plan was for a lift but then I decided to get a total boob job (the hubby didn't mind). Sometimes I like them (in bathing suits, t-shirts) but sometimes I don't as I think they're too big. No one else seems to think so..I can't say I regret it (my boobs were like flabby torpedos) and now they're not! I am a Christian so I struggled with this decision but I believe that the Lord knows our hearts and loves us no matter what. At the end of the day, it's a personal choice, there is no right or wrong decision. Blessings!

ANJIE said...

I lost my aunt due to the very same surgery you are considering :( she was in her 40's never had kids and if you ask me looked great BEFORE the surgery. the thing is we all have cancer cells in our body we just have this little pac man looking things that eat the cells, when AIR hits cancer it spreads like wild fire and sometimes the pacmen cannot keep up. that is when you"get cancer" 4 years later her boobs looked great but she was Dying. Please don't do this, it isn't worth it

thedomesticfringe said...

ok, I had to laugh at this comment, although you seemed a little serious about the dilema of should or shouldn't you get a boob job. Everyday I'm tightening the straps on my underwire bra. Thank God for bras. I need the super lift type now and that's really, really sad. The only downside to the boob job is that you lose feeling (ok, maybe I shouldn't have brought that up, but it's true or so I hear.)
I'm too scared of knives, so for me, I'll have to sag. Best wishes!

Mike, Brie and The Three said...

So I am a few months behind everyone else. That's ok, the subject it still relevant right?
I call mine 2 socks with sand in them, 36 triple long. I cannot even buy a bathing suit top!
My husband is all for it. We just have to get someone to come live with us for a while because you aren't allowed to lift much. With 3 kids I would have to wait many years before I could do it on my own.