Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day Four - Virginia Beach

Don't be jealous of this swimsuit model that was on the beach,
or this one ... who was texting while on the beach (He just can't give it up. Don't even get me started on the issues we had about him texting while driving at 70 mph in cities we don't know.)
Beau took this pic of his view of the beach. Finally she moved and he got some pics of the girls.
Ahhhh ... the Atlantic Ocean! I've waited a long time to see you (only seen it once when Beau and I first got married; most of the time it's the Gulf of Mexico for us), but you are FREEZING!
The sand castle builders!
Burying legs in the sand.
Ate some pizza,
and ice cream (one scoop of Heath Bar Crunch and one scoop of Coffee Yum Yum).
Cones for the girls.
Then, back to Williamsburg - Go Karts Plus. Pretty fun.
La Petite Belle and I were the only ones to ride the DISC-O, lots of spinning.
And of course, go karts.
OK, Beau is really not that fat. I told the family to look really full and of course, he chose to stick his gut out tremendously. But, I think we have each gained about 5-10 pounds this trip. We will be fasting this coming week. Anyway, this was after the enormous buffet at Captain George's, which was OK and cost us an arm and a leg. Try $120 when it was all said and done. Not worth it. And I'm sorry, let's face it people, nothing really compares to the food down here in LA. So, it's kind of a disappointment when we go anywhere else in the country to eat.
Otherwise, very good day!


Queen B said...

That all sounds like fun!

blessedwith5 said...

Great pics - sounds like a great place to vacation!

ANJIE said...

OK YOU WERE HERE and I WISH I WERE THERE! you see I am from LA , grew up in Metairie and I miss home, I came to your blog to get a 'taste of home' and boy o boy did I, I am in VA , lol....... you can check out my blog if you like just posted a way to get 500 free pics and enter a sweeps with your vacation photos and YOU HAVE SOME GOOD ONES (even the one your DH took!)