Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day Five - Washington, D.C. or as we call it the best and worst day of our trip.

We are trying to decide whether D.C. stands for dangerous circumstances, definitely couldastayedhome, disastrous chaos, and definitely crappy (which I never say in front of the children and La Petite Belle was mortified that I said that bad word ... OOPS!). 

First, let me tell you that we got off to a late start and by the time we got there, we could find no parking. We probably drove around for an hour just looking for one spot. Well, in all this looking around for parking, Beau desperately needed to tinkle ... I mean, desperately. I've never seen him like this. There was nowhere to go, so he proceeded to jump out into traffic and went into a hotel. As he was leaving, he said, "You'll just have to drive around and come back and get me." Uh ... hello! Me? Drive around in D.C. and come back and find you? I drove around and tried to get back to where he was, but it just wasn't happening with all the one-ways. There were actual tears, until I finally found a parking garage, which I immediately pulled into. Then, I just tried to find my way to the capitol, even walking there from where I parked was 20 minutes because I didn't have a clue where I was or where I was going. Thank God for cell phones! So, while Beau lounged around the National Mall, I tried desperately to not get the girls and I killed by holding both hands and a map and a cell phone while crossing the streets. Now, that's talent! Finally we made it.
McDonald's at the Smithsonian (I got Boston Market) - $40. By the way, this was the one day that we had McDonald's for almost every meal, breakfast, lunch, and if they would have been open in the town we stopped at on the way back to the resort, we would have eaten it for dinner, so we had to settle for Burger King. If I never eat fast food again, it will be too soon! YUK!
As we were getting ready to leave the Smithsonian, it started to pour. I'm talking thunderstorms! I bought these fashionable $5 (each) Smithsonian trash bags so that we could get around.
We decided to just go back to the car and drive to some of the other places further away. Guess what? It stopped raining and we stopped in at my favorite ... Starbucks. We were feeling a lot better at this point.
This is how close we could get to the White House. Do you even see it in the background?
The best part of the day - Arlington Cemetery
We got to see the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown. This was very emotional and such a somber time, thinking about all the soldiers who have died for our freedom. Beau pointed out that the most elaborate and beautiful tomb was this tomb with no name and in addition to that, it's being guarded at all times. Then, it started to storm again. And, the guard never flinched, just kept marching. WOW!
Beau explaining to La Petite Belle what all this meant. It was so sweet.
It stopped raining again and we decided we might as well go to the Lincoln Memorial.

Washington Monument from Lincoln Memorial (check out the sky)
I definitely wanted to see the Vietnam War Memorial because I remember when this went up and seeing how it meant so much to so many people. I was just a kid, don't think I'm that old.
Korean War Memorial ... Starting to get really dark and drizzling again.
On our way back to the vehicle, it started to pour again and this time it was intense. We were literally running and our shoes were still wet until time to leave the resort for home. We were soaked! It was definitely time to go. We didn't get back to the resort until 11:30 p.m. 
So, I say it was the worst day because of all our circumstances, but the best day for all the amazing things we got to see.


blessedwith5 said...

D.C. is just too crazy for words! Even worse with all of the rain - sorry it was a bummer!

Tracie said...

This whole vacation sounds to me like one you will ALL never forget.

Thank God for all of these precious memories!

Glad to have you back.

Wendi said...

How fun to see each unique day of your vacation!! Sounds so awesome and frustrating all in one!! :) Typical family vacation! :) You have to go throuh some frustrations to enjoy the fun stuff...just the way it goes I think!! :)

Tami said...

That sounds just like one of our family vacations. But my mom's quote is "You're making memories." It sounds like ya'll have a lot of great memories.