Friday, June 13, 2008

Anne Boleyn - What a Woman!

Beau and I (or should I say I, since Beau fell asleep within the first hour of the movie and I made him go to bed) watched The Other Boleyn Girl last night. I started thinking about what a huge part this woman, Anne Boleyn, played in history. 

First of all, what kind of woman convinces a king to separate himself from the Catholic Church, which later allows England to form the Church of England? She must be something! So, I read up a little on the history of good ole' Anne and come to find out, she was not considered one of the loveliest women. At that time, fair skin and blonde hair was what was considered beautiful, and Anne had neither. She had olive skin, brown hair, and dark brown eyes, which historians say she used to her advantage. I guess that means she must have been an eye-batter. Here's what she really looked like ... not bad!
I think what attracted Henry to her the most was not her beauty, but her brains, and the fact that she would not give herself so freely to him like all the other women. She was smart and introduced new ways of thinking to him and refused to "lie" with him unless she was his queen. Smart Woman! 

We all know the end of the story, which is very sad, like another one of his wives and many other mistresses, she was executed, beheaded. So much for keeping Henry's interest. Ya'll, he was obviously just plain crazy.

The craziest part of this whole story is that despite Henry's desperate attempts to produce a male heir to the throne with his many wives and mistresses, it was Anne's daughter, Elizabeth, who would be queen and rule over England, not the son that he did finally have.

I liked the movie, but there were a few intimate scenes, no nudity though. Thank you, Hollywood! I really love all movies from this era. 

I think it would have been lovely to be some sort of duchess or of course, princess, or even should I dare say, queen. My family would say I already act like a queen. It would be wonderful to say words like peasants, rubbish, hither, and whereof ... to have maids who aren't just for cleaning, but for brushing your long, flowing hair and for just waiting ... to have afternoon tea ... to wear a corset (wait a minute, but hey, it would help), etc., etc., etc.

I know, I know ... I'm already a princess, a child of the king! Don't you remember this?


Beth said...

this is so cute!
come see my post about Sarah/Life in the Parsonage!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

1 -After the junk I've ate this week, I could use a corsette.

2 - How did I miss the video the first time!?! I just watched it 3 times in a ROW!!! priceless, bloggy friend :)

Kim Chandler said...

That video of you and Tara is hilarious....ya'll are so funny...

Hope ya'll had a wonderful Father's Day....we did !!

Christi said...

I know Tara! Next time you see her, tell her Christi & Heavy said Hi!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I just popped over from Sarah's...and am glad I did! Love this video! :)
And I'm very interested in the Daniel Fast that you are doing; my brother did the same thing recently. Saying a prayer for you for your financial breakthrough. God is good!

Andrea said...

OK, that is HI-larious! I'm cracking up here - my hubby thinks I'm a loon but what's new! I've been wanting to see that movie so thanks for the review too! OK, still laughing.... :-)