Friday, May 9, 2008

Who's That Girl?

I in no way meant to deceive anyone into believing that I am really better-looking than I actually am. Beau says that the pictures I have on my blog do not even look like me. Want to know why? Apparently when you take a picture using photo booth on your iMac, the picture auto-flips. The pictures I've been taking at my desk have been backwards. So, you be the judge. I think I look exactly the same, Beau says he doesn't even know who I am. Please settle this disagreement. And if I don't look the same, do I need to have my face surgically flip-flopped to look better? Which is my better side?

This post is so self-indulgent. Oh well, got nothin' else to write about.

Once again, scroll down to enter the Taco Bell/Sonic giveaway. And I'm still thinking about my ginormous list post. 


Sarah said...

Ummmm...after THOUROGH (sp?) evaluations...I think they look exactly the same :)

Richard Gaspard said...

Maybe pictures one and three represent Daphne, and pictures two and four represent Bizarro Daphne, the inhabitant of her own alternate bloggy universe, where she's simply known as "Mama Belle."

At any rate, real, or Bizarro, she's hot. Especially in those shoes. And, Sarah, just for the record, her legs are legendary among certain members of our church's worship team.

Certainly not Grade D.

pianomomsicle said...

Yep. They look the same. Not gonna lie. That's the concept with mirrored images. Unless you have some sort of weird beauty mark that is always on a certain side or something, the mirror image is gonna look pretty much the same as the real one.

Either way, you look great. One hot mama!

Shelle said...

lol! So funny! I personally think you look exactly the same! So hopefully no plastic surgery! you are also beautiful!

I came over from BLOGHER ads!

Carlie Faulk said...

Sorry - it looks the same to me - but of course if I showed chris he's side with Beau. (eye rolling)

I LOVE the new look btw!!!