Saturday, May 10, 2008

Two things ... New Look & Busted Bumper

Thanks to Rachel from Fun and Funky Blog Design for my new look. I love it!

Just when you think things are going great .... getting ready to celebrate Mother's Day, kids are almost out of school (and their tuition is paid off - WOO HOO!), vacation just around the corner, tax check coming in soon (I love you , George Bush!) .... then, you back up your truck into your own fence.

I feel like a total idiot. Yes, I was backing out to go and get my hair done, and the next thing I knew, what sounded like a tiny bump tore one whole side of my bumper off. Get this? My truck is only a few months old. Beau did pop it back in and now we're going to have to bring it in to the body shop on Monday. To me, it really doesn't look that bad. I'm thinking is there just some kind of glue or something I could use to keep it in place? Because you really can't tell now that he's put it back. Don't worry ... Beau would never let me try to glue the truck back together.

The only good news is that my hair did turn out really cute, though. I don't know if you can see it, but I have a few sections of darker red in the front ... just a little spice to go with my otherwise bland hair.


Richard Gaspard said...

You're backwards again. I don't care what anyone else says, it just doesn't look like YOU.

I think it's something with your eyes and smile.

Tracie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new do!!!

Just have this to comment on others' blogs said...

Love your hair!! Love the new look!
Soo cute
Happy Mother's Day!

Birdie said...

ohmygosh! You're cracking me up! I feel so good now *ahh* I'm with you, there oughtta be a bumper glue. There' probably is, but no one's telling us little people about it. Your blog? Gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as YOU & your new hair! I'm really jealous about the cool highlights. I want them. I want ot look like I take care of myself more than the average Jane and highlights do that. So do acrylic nails, but I shall never go there.
I had to laugh at your Who's Tjat Girl post too. Yer hot either way...Know what I've noticed? When I take the pictures of myself vertically, they're all laying horizontally when you upload them and I always like them when they're sideways. As soon as I turn them the right way (up & down), I hate them. Why do I look better horizontally? Big Daddy'd probably have some smart answer for that one but I'll keep my lip zipped.

Jodie said...

I love this new hair. You're way beautiful!!
By the way, what lipstick/liner are you wearing? I might want to get in on that action.

By the way, Eden saw this picture and said, "Hey, that's who we saw on stage. Except her eyes are different." ...maybe Rich's right.