Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Taco Bell, I Love You!

Where else can you feed yourself and two children for $4.81? And then feel completely satisfied after your meal? I'm just sayin', nothing else compares to Taco Bell! When money is tight and you're waiting for pay day, you can always make a run for the border. 

Can you guess what we ate tonight?

Beau wasn't home tonight ... working late. And I have to teach aerobics on Tuesday nights. I usually don't cook because we all don't get home until around 7:00 p.m. That's a late night for my girls. We eat cereal, leftovers, sandwiches, whatever we can get our hands on. 

Is there something wrong with doing an hour of aerobics and then eating two bean burritos? A little contradictory, if I do say so myself. What a horrible example I am! Must be why I'm still bootylicious (not sure about the spelling of that one). 

You know, I do have a friend that said she saw an empty box at Taco Bell's dumpster that read "Grade D, but edible." Hmmmm ... what do you think that means? As a cow, how do you manage to allow yourself to become Grade D meat? Maybe eat Taco Bell! OK, that's just stupid. Beau says it's not the quality of the cow that makes the meat Grade D, it's the cut of the meat. So, where does Grade D come from? I'll let you gnaw on that one for a while .... and the person who sends me the most entertaining and creative explanation wins a $5.00 Taco Bell gift card if that exists. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a Taco Bell gift card, so if not, it will be a $5.00 gift card to one of my other favorite fast-food restaurants, Sonic. Put on your thinking caps and leave me your explanation! This should be good.

Hey, I didn't have beef, just beans! So, I'm still OK.


pianomomsicle said...

You know, i think it's the cow that did badly in school.

But he wasn't a bad cow: no, on the contrary he was a caring cow. The cow's parents were both disabled, so Junior had to get two part-time jobs along side of school to support the family. His parents wanted to work, but they had an English disease.

The two jobs, of course, made Junior's formerly good grades go completely downhill. It's too bad, really. He could have gotten lots of scholarships, but due to his commitment to his family, he ended up getting a GED and supported his parents, wife, and little Calfeen until he made the ultimate sacrifice: giving his life.

Our high school grades don't define us, do they? No. So don't let the fact that he was Grade D mislead you: he was a great cow, and is now a delicious supreme steak chalupa. Kind of makes you cry, doesn't it?

Please support his family and honor his legacy by eating at Taco Bell. He'd be glad you did.

Carlie Faulk said...

I'm goingt o have to think really hard on that one so I can coeme up with a great explinatin. I'm addicted to Taco bell. I know the drive thru lady by name - sad I know. they have the best BEST sweet tea. It's sad. I'll be back.

Sarah said...

Taco Bell made me think that I need a bean and rice recipe that you mentioned ya'll eat, down south. Could you send me a recipe? :)

My in-laws are beef farmers...hubby says Grade D means it came from a lame cow. (Lame as in injured...and not "un-cool" ;)

Tami said...

I think it comes from a skinny cow. You know, the one who worries about his (or probably her) weight all the time. The one who exercises and watches what she eats. Well, Lord knows, I'm not Grade D. Anyway, we love Taco Bell too and $5 will go a long way.

Drama Mama said...

Is it mexican food or chinese food that they say is made from Grade D? As in ground-up DOG?
I know that is sick- I do love TB though!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I'll have to get you that red beans and rice recipe. I'm gonna have to do some research for a really good one. I still can't believe you've (or as I say ya'll haven't) heard of red beans and rice. Where are you from again? Iowa is it? That's not that far north. I'll round one of those recipes up for you, girl!

Tracie said...

OK. After giving your story some thought...I have discovered where I believe this "Grade D " meat comes from.

It comes from all the Momma cows...who have raised 3 or more kids...er, calves. They are the ones who stay up all night helping one calf with his science project...while washing, drying, folding and putting away 8 loads of laundry...finally getting to bed WAY past her bedtime...only to be awakened by her newest calf throwing up on the hay next to her stall. At which time she must get up and clean up the mess, rock her baby calf back to sleep and try to get some sleep herself before the rooster crows in about an hour...and wakes her up to do it all over again.

You see, the Grade A meat would come from the Daddy cows...er, bulls who don't really have to do anything except his part to make new baby calves.

Jill said...

I'm not sure I want to know what Grade D beef means. Is it worse than a hot dog? Oh man... well, atleast this will help me with my dieting. No more taco bell.

(unless I get a $5.00 giftcard. I'll totally eat funky meat for free!)

Queen B said...

I'm still not feeling it. I have been trying. It is not my most creative week...

So. Here goes.

1) Because it is a Delicacy...somewhere
2) Because he didn't do well in school
3) Because it comes from the DARK side of the cow
4) Because his mama had D cup udders.

That's it. That's all I got. Give it to pianomomsicle. She rocks.

Gina said...

I vote for Tracy. Do we get to vote?
I wandered over from a blogher ad. You're pretty funny.
I would totally send a kid with no am fever to school. I have a friend whose child has mystery tummy aches all the time. I soooooo dont want to encourage that around here. Because, one "sick" day may not be much of a problem, but I'd have 5 "sick" everyday. Besides, I live directly beside the school. If they get sick I can be there in 2 minutes- unless I just ordered a latte- then it might take me 20 minutes to an hour....

Andrea said...

Well, since you mentioned bootylicious (and girl, you spelled it right, thanks to Beyonce for making up that one for us!!), I was going to say the "D" means what the cow will actually do to you after you eat it.

After you've just sweat the booty off and burnt up the jelly (another Beyonce reference from Bootylicious), then you are sooo tootally gonna be Dying when you work out again to reverse the damage Taco Bell has just done to your bootylicious booty. I've been there, done that :-)

And, I'm pretty sure Sonic's chocolate banana cream pie shake will do that too :-)