Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mom + No Camera = Failure

Today was end-of-the-year chapel at my daughters' school. Each class got up and either sang a song, performed a skit, or recited Scripture. There were, it seemed like hundreds, of mothers snapping dozens of pictures of their precious little ones and I (surprise, surprise) didn't bring my camera.

So, I'm thinking one of two things:
A. I'm a little more choosey about what I'm gonna take pictures of. (How many pictures of our kids singing "Shout to the Lord" do we really need? And why do they always sing "Shout to the Lord," and use sign-language with it? If they're "shouting," why do they need to use sign-language?)
B. I'm a bad mommy.
C. I'm a dimwit who didn't even think about bringing my camera.

The answer's actually C. I hope none of you said B.

Please tell me you've been there. You're at one of your kids' programs and you have no camera and have to beg one of the other mothers to first of all, take pictures of your child and secondly, get the pictures to  you somehow, which you never get (maybe a few years later they turn up).

Oh well, I missed it. Only two more weeks of school left. WOO HOO! I don't know about you all, but I am so ready ... until about mid-June when the girls are fighting like crazy and saying, "I'm bored," "There's nothing to do," and "When is school gonna start again?"


Tracie said...

This has actually happened to me twice this year...at Karsyn's Honor Roll Assembly. And yes, I had to ask a dear friend of mine to snap some shots of my girl.

For the 3rd Honor Roll Assembly...Guess What?


Yep, forgot ALL ABOUT IT!!

So, who's the "bad mommy" now?

Tami said...

I have forgotten my camera more than you know. Then I always try to get someone to take pics for me or video but they never seem to email them or put them on CD so I end up without. I have too many kids to get ready to think about my camera half the time. We're lucky when we are on time and everyone looks halfway decent. Oh well, write about it and it won't be that big of a deal.

Kim Chandler said...

Girl, I've shown up for a dance recital with a camera with dead batteries and a camcorder with no tape....oops..no pictures that year...

pianomomsicle said...

Yesterday i took David to the dr., and he was soooo sleepy. i knew there would be several long waits and shots, and the tiredness would make it all much worse, but i brought a. no toys b. no snacks c. no sippy cup. (Although i did happen to have my camera with me.) Anyway, i was bad mommy yesterday, too. :)

Wendi said...

Well, if you aren't the cutest ever... :) Found your blog on Sarah's @life in the parsonage. you have such a cute, fun blog! I have 3 boys, so being a minority in my home (even our dog and cat are males...) I enjoy reading mommy of girl blogs. :)
Made me smile today.

Becoming Me said...

Nope, you are not alone...I have missed picture taking at many events..at least you were there for her. That is most important.