Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't Tell Me Dreams Don't Have Anything to Do With Reality!

I'm the type of person that never remembers her dreams. Rarely will I wake up and say, "you know what I dreamed last night?" If I do remember my dreams, they usually involve me beatin' the tar out of some ghost, tiger, rabid dog, demon, etc. In fact the last dream I remember was from a few months ago and, Beau said, "What were you dreaming about last night? You were making the strangest mumbling sounds." To which I said, "I know. I was trying to rebuke this demonic spirit, but my mouth would not open." Seriously, in my dream, I was screaming, but my lips would not move, so I just continuously punched this thing in the face.

Now onto last night's dream, which I told myself in my dream ... "you must remember this dream so that you can tell Beau in the morning." I kept repeating that to myself in the dream. WEIRD.

So, in the dream, we're on vacation. (We're actually going on vacation next week.) Don't know where, but it involved beach and cruise ship. The girls were with us. But here was the dilemma ... the cruise ship was going to leave in 30 minutes and I hadn't packed anything. Not only had I not packed, but I couldn't find anything that needed to be packed because the place we were staying was filled with piles of clothes. Piles and piles and piles of clothes! Beau was just seated in his lazy-boy chair (no, we don't own one) saying, "While you were lying in bed, I was up and packed." He actually says this statement ("while you were lying in bed ...") any time I am in the bed later than he is. Little does he know that I actually refuse to get out of the bed until after his foot has hit the floor. That's my cue to get up! (He goes downstairs and fixes breakfast and I get the girls ready for school... I know, I've got a good man!) Anyway, back to my dream ... I was moving in slow motion the entire time. I couldn't find anything I needed to pack for me or the girls, but Beau was already packed for himself. He just sat there as I moved as fast as I could in slow motion. I just remember I couldn't find any clothes that we needed and I couldn't find my tweezers, which as a thirty-something-year-old woman I've come to learn this item is a necessity and my best friend. Then, after we get into the car to drive to the cruise ship, about half-way there, I realize the one bag I had spent all that time packing, I left at the place we were staying. So, Beau had to turn around and we had to drive back to get it. Then the alarm clock rang.

Do you think this had anything to do with those piles of clothes?

Yes, we're getting ready for the dreaded garage sale this weekend. And yes, I do have piles and piles of clothes to go through and price. Speaking of that go here, to read Tracie's post about her crazy garage sale lady ... WEIRD.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I think it has EVERYTHING to do with those clothes :)

Wendi said...

I have dreams like that all the time! I must have some kind of a complex about unpreparedness because I always seem to be having dreams about leaving on some kind of trip without important items. The ones where I wake up realy frightened are those that play through my mind of me leaving for a trip having forgotten my make up bag. I wake up in a cold sweat. :)

Kim Chandler said...

I have dreams like that too...It's because we are such planners...we don't want to forget something....heehee