Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Conversations in the Car

We spend a lot of time in vehicle driving here and there. This is a conversation with the girls yesterday.

K Belle: Mama, what does flabbergasted mean?

Me: Uh... (trying to think of a way to break this down) like you can't believe something, you're amazed (best I could do)

K Belle: OK, well I think it's my new favorite word ... (proceeds to use it in several sentences) I'm flabbergasted that Daddy did not stop at that stop sign. I'm flabbergasted that Daddy is not going the speed limit. I'm flabbergasted that ...

(She proceeded to use it a lot.)

La Petite Belle: I like the word "example." 


La Petite Belle: Like the cops are an example to men and women and a big kid is an example to a little kid ... (and so on and so on)

This got me thinking ...

First of all, I never had a favorite word as a kid. Did you?

Secondly, if I did have a favorite word, I think it would be ... plethora.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

You've got some smart kids on your hands. I like words that are not words...does that count? Like "craptastic!" :)

I know, I know, you may never meet another pastor's wife that is odd enough to admit she likes that work ;)'re probably commenting on my blog at this very moment...because we're weird like that.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

WORD not "work" seriously...I have typing problems.

Shelle said...

hahahaha! I love that movie by the way! And where did she learn flabbergasted anyway? Very smart! As you can tell by my site...I like UNWORDS because they make me laugh!

Tracie said...

I think we could write books on the things our kids say.....and other mom's (like me) would buy them!!

By The Way...I linked you on my newest post. Go check it out!

Tami said...

I love the word plethora too. That is too funny. You need to go read my latest post about our conversation. It is a great word story.