Sunday, May 4, 2008

Buy Crest Today or You May Never Get Any (because I'm going to buy them all tomorrow)!

YOU MUST GO TO THE LINK TO UNDERSTAND! I was so excited about my little CVS and Walgreens run I did today. Then, I got back home and saw this ... that's when I felt like a loser. My deals never turn out this great. What's wrong with me? Maybe it's because it's hard for me to purchase things I know I may not need and I will purchase the things I do need instead, even if they are not on sale, because hey ... I'm already at the store ... no need for a trip anywhere else. So, now I'm just embarrassed to tell you how much I spent and how many register rewards and extra care bucks I got back. I guess I'm heading back to Walgreens tomorrow to buy lots of Crest toothpaste!


Carlie Faulk said...

I didn't tell you about the crest when we had that quick 90 secoond conversation earlier? Sorry!! I got 9 boxes and called it a day. I posted the senario on my site - did you miss it?

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Yeah ... you said don't do the toothpaste. And I wouldn't have worried about it because we have about 5 boxes of toothpaste in the cabinet, so I wasn't looking for it. But, this deal is amazing, so I guess I'll get 9 tomorrow.

Drama Mama said...

That's a heck of alot of toothpaste on the table- Like a lifetime supply- Doyou think it might go bad before they use it all?? Just wondering?

Ginger said...

Hi Ladies!
First off, thanks for the shout-out in your blog roll. I really appreciate it! I am hopelessly in love with Target!

Next, I want to give all of you who are purchasing Crest Pro Health (only) a warning. CPH will turn your teeth a dingy brown. Yes, I am positive. I had it happen to me. It also turned my mouth guard a dingy brown from a clear plastic. I was none too happy after paying about $250 for the thing.

Google "Crest Pro Health discoloration" and you'll see a lot of people with this problem. Do the same in the search slot on Amazon and you'll see some really riled up folks spending hundreds to get their teeth cleaned.

It is ALL of the CPH products. Return it all while you still have the receipts. Other Crest products seem to be just fine!

Thanks for the shout out and sorry to drop the FYI on you.


The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I didn't plan on using but maybe one box and I was going to give the rest away. I got the Crest Pro Health Night that you just use in the evening. So, maybe I'll give it all away to friends and my teeth will look extra white compared to theirs. I only bought 9 at $7 and got $20 in RRs.

Tami said...

My hubby and I used the Crest Pro Health Rinse and it was bad. WE had all kinds of problems. I'm a little skeptical that the toothpaste is better. Not sure if I would use it or not. Anyway, I visited the link and why would anyone buy that much toothpaste? I do stockpile and I have lots of toothpaste and lotion and shampoo but I'm not sure I would ever buy that much at a time. But "to each his own."