Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blogging Question

I'm not to much into what the proper blogging etiquette is, but what do you think about the lurking (I think that's what they call it!) issue. People visiting you and never leaving a comment and you not knowing who's reading your blog and who's not. 

Do you think it's in poor taste to lurk? Why would a person lurk? Why would you not want the person who's writing the blog to know you're there? Just curious.

Do you leave comments every day for those blogs that you read daily ... I know you do, Sarah ... in fact, you may be my new best friend...?  Or do you just leave comments if you have anything to add? (pretty much what I do) Just because I may not leave a comment does not mean I'm not reading. It just means I have nothing to say, but if I agree or disagree or just want to tell you "hi," I'll leave you a comment. Just curious again. What do you think? Let me know your views on this. Today is not the day to be a lurker (Is that even a word?). Tell me what you think. Just curious.


Sarah said...

HA! I leave comments, because I know how much I like getting them :) Even when I am adding NOTHING to the conversation! But, there are some that I just read and rarely comment...I know, hard to beleive!

I think lurkings fine. But it's nice to know, at least occasionally who's there. I came across one blog, that had me on their blogroll, but I'd never heard of them or had them comment! So I left them a comment, and not were 'regulars' :)

PS - are my new BFF :)

Queen B said...

Lurkers don't really bother me too much. I don't comment every day on every blog. I just comment for the same reasons that you mentioned.

I like for people to say hi occasionally!! But I understand that some people just read.

Jill said...

I try to comment when I can. But sometimes I have a baby on my lap who hits lots of keys, so it's not worth trying to leave a comment.

And, too, I have some blogs through google reader and I print it out and take it outside with me to read while Big Sister is on the swing set.
Because we be poor and we don't have a laptop.

pianomomsicle said...

i comment when i feel i have something to say, or when it's been a while since i've commented before. If it's a huge blog with 200 regular comments, i usually end up just being a lurker. i like knowing that the person i read will have time to read me back, you know?

The only times i don't comment when i'd like to are when i'm google reading, if the topic is controversial and i don't want people who disagree coming over and attacking my little blog, or if i can't read the comment verification. i understand the idea behind it, but it's a real pain sometimes. i can't read the letters most of the time!

i also comment more for people who regularly comment me. i'm selfish like that:) You'll notice i almost always comment you, because you are awesome about returning the favor.

Birdie said...

I'm detecting that you have a lurker *s* I do too. Several. IT does make me wonder why you'd be really interested in a person's personal info if you didn't want to share in the fun, but I guess it's something like reading a newspaper columnist that you really like. They get to know you though you never communicate with them at all. Something like the movie Christmas in Connecticut.
I guess I'm the type of person who loves making friends and can't keep her mouth shut so I comment, but only when I feel I have something worth saying.
It does pique the curiosity doesn't it? I feel like giving a bloggy shout out to my lurkers but I don't. *L*

Jodie said...

Lurker is a word. :) And actually there's even a "holiday" for it - a Delurking Day - it passed a while back. I saw in on a few people's blogs. I missed it. Dang. :)

I don't always comment - it depends on my time constraint, and if I have anything remotely interesting to say. I do love comments though so I try to leave them if I can.

Also, I would hate to discourage lurking. Seems pretty harmless to me, but because I have great love for the comments, I prefer when people de-lurk to tell me that I'm awesome, or amazing. :)