Monday, May 26, 2008

Bathing Suit Tips

Here are a few facts I learned yesterday while trying on some bathing suits (I know, I know ... I haven't bought one yet because I was hoping in a matter of a few weeks I could drop 20 pounds and have those 6-pack abs instead of my jelly Mama belly ... you know what I'm talking about):

1. The tops never match the bottoms. Just when you find a cute bottom or top in your size, forget it! You won't find the rest of it.

2. Do not go out to eat at Carrabba's right before you try the suits on. Very depressing!

3. Do not wear your granny panties when you go, because you'll just look ridiculous and you won't be able to tell what in the world the suit's gonna look like without those panties pulled up to your rib cage.

4. Do not bring your family with you. Too much pressure!!

5. Do not attempt to purchase a halter-style top that does not tie or have an adjustable strap in the back, because one length does not do well for everyone. I mean, some of us need to lift those puppies up, if you know what I mean. 

Bring back these suits! Aren't these ladies lookin' so great and classy? 
I was obviously born in the wrong era because I also love, love, love those 50's housewife dresses and these. TOO CUTE!
But I digress ... I had no success yesterday and am going out again today on another bathing suit trying-on adventure ALONE. I'm now under the gun because we leave for our vacation on Thursday and of course, I have a million things to do before then.

On a side note: Get this ... you know how much our gas is gonna be for this trip? Try around $500.00. Are you believing that? I think we're gonna have to skip Busch Gardens so that we can just get there!

I will draw for the giveaway tonight so there is still time to enter.


Carlie Faulk said...

I went suit shopping last week so trust me when i say I know your pain. I finally just bought and Anne cole. the material's great and it holds everything up and in ~ lol!

One Beloved Sister said...

Hi Mama Belle! I am a fairly new reader of your blog, and I really enjoy your posts! I just wanted to tell you I think I was born in the wrong era too. I love the 1940's and 50's women's styles! :) Very classy. Blessings!

Drama Mama said...

cute dresses- I do wish bathing suits covered more- It is so depressing-

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Love this post!

Tami said...

The 40's and 50's are coming back. I saw some hosewife looking dresses at Target on Sat. I love them too.