Monday, May 12, 2008

And the Award Goes To ....

First of all, pianomomsicle ... you got it, girl. You won the gift card. Now, I just have to go pick it up today and get you to email me your address. All of you did great, but I could tell she really put some thought into her answer. Yay for you! Your pregnant little body is gonna love some of that Grade D beef!

Then, ME!
My friend, Carlie, gave me this bloggin' award for just being an excellent blogger. I was wondering how long it would take you all to discover my genius writing ability (Hee, Hee!). 

So, I'm thinking what should I do to honor myself on this very special day. Aaah, yes, I remember, I still have to write my 100 things post so that you can NOT read extremely dull tidbits about my boring existence. Don't worry ... I will not put you through this. Here's what I'm gonna do instead. Since this is my 113th post, I will perform this complicated mathematical formula to come up with my list. I will take my number of posts (113 ... um, let's do 112 for ease of math) and divide it by the number of months I've been blogging (6) = 18.6 (we'll round up to 19), then subtract approximately how many numbers of hours I blog each day (1 ... sometimes more, but I'm sticking with 1) = 18. OK, that should work! 18 THINGS ... I think I can handle that. Now, 18 things of what? How many more things could you possibly need or want to know? I'm lost for a theme here, so this is my random "100 things" that I've cut down to 18.
1. Beau is finishing up building my A-frame for my cypress swing. He and the girls had bought me a swing for Mother's Day a few years ago that I had hanging on my back patio. Then, we moved and I have no patio. So, he's finishing it up today and it will be under some trees in our yard. I absolutely love swinging and have fond memories of swinging with my girls while reading to them, singing, or just talking. I'll get ya'll a picture today when it's done. OK ... he finished building the swing before I finished writing this post. Love it!
2. If Forrest Gump is on TBS, you know I'm gonna watch it. I stayed up until 12:30 am last night and still cried in the same parts. And ya'll know it's on all the time.
3. I wish I could always put away my laundry after I fold it and the clothes wouldn't stay in my living room on our big chair.
4. Roxy Belle has resorted to bringing in these huge tree roaches (they're humungous). Ya'll would be amazed at the bugs down here. They're dead, but she just likes to bring them in and play with them. I know .... GROSS!
Oh yeah ... and she needs a bath!
5. Roxy Belle has also resorted to vomiting every day because Mama Belle decided to change her food to a better, organic, healthier brand. I know why it's considered healthier ... because the dog vomits every day and never gains any weight. Or she's bulimic and I'm missing the signs.
6. I absolutely love Stephen Colbert. I confessed to my husband that I have a tiny crush on him.:)

7. Have you seen "Baby Mama" yet? GO! I laughed a lot!

8. I love bacon, especially Wright's thick-sliced bacon.
9. After that statement, I would love to train for a marathon, but don't know how my knee would take it. I totally ignore what the doctors say and run anyway. I really don't want another surgery.
10. My roses are out of control!! I'll go out and trim them today. I have Easter lilies right now.
11. Did I mention I backed into our fence and busted the bumper of our truck? DUH!
12. I also have a love for Vick's VapoRub. I use it almost every night. The smell comforts me. I think it reminds me of my mom rubbing it on my chest when I was sick as a child.
13. I could drink a large amount of coffee every day, so I have to limit it to two huge cups.
14. La Petite Belle has the cutest booty I've ever seen. I'm not kidding ... it's unstoppable!
15. I slept for about an hour with K Belle last night because she had a bad dream and just hugged my big girl, who's growing up way too fast.
16. Beau loves to just stand out by his pond in the morning and look at his fish. 
17. I bought two new fragrances that I like ... Burberry Brit and Juicy Couture.
18. I think I'll cook spaghetti tonight ... always a winner at my house! (I think I'll post the delicious recipe tomorrow.)

Did you really read all these? Tell the truth. It's OK. I understand.

So, the next thing I have to do is give the "E" Award to those that I think are worthy of it and those who have not received it yet. I think I may be one of the last ones to get this, so I'll have to research. Be right back ...

1. One of my new BFFs - Sarah @ Life in the Parsonage. I think we may have been separated at birth. She's super funny and real.
2. Birdie @ Scenes from the Crooked Maple - another funny lady that takes great pictures. I enjoy her wit.
3. Becky @ Boys Rule My Life - I think she and pianomomsicle were my first blogging friends. This lady is a good mama. I love to see what she's doing with her kids because they're not watching TV.
4. Pianomomsicle - Like I said ... what a cutie and sweetheart!
5. Tracie @ Coffee with the Crains - Finally found another Louisiana blogger and then she's moving to Texas. She and I have lots in common.
6. Jill @ Live Laugh Blog - This girl tugs at my heartstrings. She loves her little girls and writes from her heart.
7. The Queen B - She probably already got this one, but I didn't see it. She's another true Southern girl and she makes me laugh. 
8. Another one that probably already got this ... Missy @ It's Almost Naptime - I also love seeing her with her kids and she's got some wisdom, ya'll.
9. Amy @ Permission to Peruse - Another cute momma who makes some good money bloggin'.
10. OK, this one's biased ... Richard @ Relevant Church Media - Beau's Blog. If you're hubby's into church media and technological stuff, tell him to go visit. And you can go here, here, here, here, and here to actually purchase the church media that we make. (Tell your pastors!)

I think that pretty much does it for today! This has to be the longest post ever. 


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Your dorky new BFF just read all of it :) GOOD STUFF! You must have a really cool should do a pic tour or something!

You totally deserve the award!!! and huge thanks for passing it along...boy, do I love an award!! Seriously...I love it too much...gotta work on that :)

pianomomsicle said...

Yay! My first giveaway win AND first award all in one day! Thanks!

Amy Bennett said...

thanks so much!! i'll be bragging soon on my blog :)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

*** GASP!! ****

My first blog award EVER!!!

I'm so excited!!!

Thank you!!!

:) :)

Tracie said...

Thanks for the award...and for making me smile!

I passed it on, but not sure if I followed the "Excellent Blogger Award Passer-On Rules". Is there a handbook I need to get? Cuz you just never know...I may...someday...actually get another!

Birdie said...

You love me! You Reeeally love me!"
For giving me this award, you get five brownie points
for saying you like my wit, you get5 too... and my undying support & devotion. *L*
You're too kind!
I loved your random stuff too.
I have the laundry filled furniture only mine's the couch. I weigh my or put away..hmmm....
-you seriously hav ea crush on Colbert? Yipes. Why? *L*

-I'm totally diggin' Beau's fish pond.
-LIke your Petite Belle,My Sis has the kickin'est booty. It's fierce and she's only 9! I had to buy her shorts to wear with her bathing suit because i know good & well that nasty men will be looking at it!
-Burberry Brit- my favorite for years. My boss came in wearing it one day and I was addicted - ADDICTED I tell ya! My new boss hates perfumes because they bother her allergies but I wear it and pretend it's the way I smell naturally *L*
That was a totally fun post to read & thank you for the way cool award! I can't wait to get it up *S*

Jill said...

Aw! That's so sweet!:) Thank you so very much. I totally needed to see this because I've had one of those days... the kind that youre thankful for when all the kiddies are in bed and you can just hit the sack yourself!

Thanks again:)

Queen B said...

Thank you!!!! You are so nice! I really appreciate it.

I enjoyed your 18 things. Beautiful fish pond.

My new favorite fragrance is Ed Hardy. You must smell it.

And congrats to pianomomsicle. She was totally deserving.

pianomomsicle said...

Oh, how do i email you? My email is in my about me section of my blog if you want to do it that way.

Are you on facebook? You need to get on there, lady!

Becoming Me said...

I just found your blog from Sarah's site. Cool reading!!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Thanks so much for the award! It came at a great time for me as I was in need of a pick-me-up! :)

I love your new template too!

Drama Mama said...

Vicks is also good for your feet- So says Cindy, my vietnamese nail tech!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Congrats! Loved your math formula, but mostly loved that you only did 18 things ;)

OK, so I can't stand the movie, Forrest Gump...sorry!

Looking foward to visiting some new blogs!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Ok, I finally nominated a few bloggers! Thanks again for the award!