Tuesday, April 15, 2008

They're Gonna Sing WHAT??

Mariah Carey?! Who decided on this one? Haven't the judges said for the past several years not to sing Mariah Carey songs?

David A. - It was OK. He had a few issues on some of the runs, which is going to be a problem for most of the contestants simply because the songs are Maria Carey songs. You can't copy those runs. I don't know what it is though ... I just can't say that he could be the next American Idol. i just don't know why.

Carly  - I must say she looks great tonight. I thought she sounded awesome and what a wide range she has. Why is Simon always so hard on her? I don't get it.

Syesha - She also looked very beautiful tonight ... lots of gold, ya'll, even in the hair! She "shined" literally. She was good also, but did way too many runs for me.

Brooke - Ya'll know I like her, but NO, NO, NO ... tonight was not her night. This is definitely not her style of music. She does have only one style ... that kind of folksy, hippie style. Did ya'll see her shaking? She was obviously extremely nervous.

Kristy - She was off-pitch on the verses. It was better on the chorus. She can obviously make anything into a country song. She actually didn't do as bad as she usually does. I'm a little impressed. I think this was her best performance.

I just have to say ... is Paula rambling or what? I want to tell her to "keep it short, girl." Half the time, I don't even understand what she is saying. Her statements don't make sense sometimes.

David C. - This should be interesting. I didn't care for this as much as his other arrangements, like "Billie Jean," which I loved. It was just alright for me as Randy would say. I can't believe this is the one song that Randy is going to stand up for. It was only "good" for me, not amazing.

Jason - OK, John Travolta ... let's see what you got! I really like the tone of his voice. I liked this way more than David C's song, but apparently Randy doesn't agree with me. I think this is my favorite guy song of the night.

Favorite girl: Carly, of course, is there any other girl in this competition?
Favorite boy: Jason
Needs to go: Still Kristy


Headless Mom said...

Yay! Jason is my fave too!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi There. I found your blog through Mom of Three Boys. I read and read and read all your crazy antics last night. I stayed up til 3 am, I couldn't stop laughing. You are hilarious and we have a lot in common. My husband works at the local Fox TV station, go American Idol! I'll be checking back lots. Thanks for the entertainment.

Oh, I agree that Carly is a good singer. But she just always seems so mad when she sings. Her personality is cute when she's not singing. I guess it's just the way she is to get those notes out. But I WOULD like her to smile and lighten up a bit when singing. That would help her a lot I think.