Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Have a Hippie on My Hands!

Why does my 10-year-old not want to wear deodorant? Is she that forgetful or does she just not care that she's stinky after school? Does anyone else have to remind their daughter to just WEAR DEODORANT? 

Why does my 10-year-old not want to wear a bra? Why does she think just an undershirt is OK? Hello ... the child needs a bra (remember yesterday's post ... hormone-free milk & meat, ya'll). Poor child! She really didn't have much of a chance. Beau's sisters, mother, etc. were all very well-endowed. 

And hey, I'm no Jane Russell (Isn't she gorgeous?),
but also not Twiggy
... just average! She MUST wear a bra. 
Who knew that fourth and fifth-grade girls would need to wear bras.

Why do I have to check to make sure she smells good after her bath or shower? I ask every night , "Did you use soap? Did you use shampoo?". 

I think I've figured out why ... she's a total HIPPIE! She plays guitar, piano, sings, draws. She's extremely artistic and a total free-spirit, and a genius to boot (I'm not biased at all.). Long, flowing , curly hair ... freckles ... a doll! If she'd just wear a bra out of her own free will and smell like a rose after the end of the day, we'd be doing good!


Sarah said...

I have 3 boys...imagine what my house will smell like when they all hit puberty?!? Sorry I'm no help :)

Tami said...

I have a 9 year old boy and he loves to wear deodorant and he doesn't really need it yet. Imagine that!