Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dolly Parton on American Idol

So, we're doing country tonight. Well, let's get to it.

Brooke - Her voice really suited this song. She is simply too cute. I think America loves her. She is definitely an all-American, girl-next-door type. I still think she'll be around a while.

David C. - Can this guy do any wrong? Another awesome performance and so original! He's also one that's going to be around for a while.

Ramiele - I'm not a fan. I did not like this performance or the song for that matter. She even looked really uncomfortable on stage. Bye, Bye, Ramiele. 

Jason - Ya'll know I like him. So, let's see how he does ... his voice sounds great on this song. The song's OK. Wait a minute! Are we gettin' a song about Jesus? What? Good for you, boy. I think I like him even more now. Don't forget you can see him singing in church on You Tube or this previous post.

Carly - I don't think she can do any wrong. Her voice is amazing ... great range and she can sing any style. She kind of sounds like Celine Dion to me. She should be in the top two. And what's Simon's deal? I think he actually hurt her feelings with his remark about her outfit. Did you see her face? She was bothered. Simon seems to be giving her a hard time lately. Hello ... Simon ... she is one of the best singers there right now. What is your deal?

David A. - Pretty good tonight ... wait, Jesus again! Jesus is gettin' some props tonight! Wow, he hit some notes tonight. Definitely one of the better ones on this night.

Kristy - She did better than last week or the previous weeks, but I still think she will go soon. County music is definitely her thing.

Syesha - It was pretty predictable that she would pick this song. I would never have picked a song that Whitney had done and actually made it more popular than Dolly. She did OK, but of course, can't compare to Whitney's version. Sorry, Syesha.

Michael - Liked the guitar and the look he had going on. He kinda made the song more bluesy than country. I liked it! He did some cool things with the song and at the end. I dug it!

TO GO: Ramiele
TOP GUY: Hard to pick! Michael and the Davids (can't choose).


pianomomsicle said...

Oh man, i can't wait to watch it on tivo! Unfortunately, i have to wait until i can watch it with hubs. i should probably avoid your blog tomorrow night to avoid spoilers, huh? :)
i'm glad you love American Idol. It proves what great taste you have!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I think you were right about Carly's feelings! I saw that face and felt for her!!

I think your 7-Up cake looked lovely. :)

And I think your bed has character now. :)

You won at my blog!

gail said...

found you thru cindy's blog. love your comments about AI. i'm a new convert to the show. haven't started blogging about it but love reading others comments. i didn't know that jason sang in his church!

i was glad ramiele got booted off. i never got into her voice. i think its a guys kind of year, personally. so many good male voices.