Thursday, April 17, 2008

As Cher said, "If I Could Turn Back Time ..."

What if you could? Would you do anything differently? Umm .... YES! About a thousand things differently! 

We have a friend who died on Sunday. He was a member of our church for a long time and had been a local newscaster and celebrity since I was a young child. Jim Olivier passed away unexpectedly on Sunday morning at the young age of 57. I am about to get ready for the funeral and have not been able to stop thinking and praying for his wife of 15 years, Anna. They were just starting to enjoy their years together with grandbabies and now she's alone in alone in a new home. Please pray for her.

This all prompted me last night to ask my husband, "If you knew you had a month to live, how would you want to spend it?" I'm thinking I'd like to travel to Europe, you know,or spend some time in New York City. He says, "just be with you and the girls." Here? At home? That's pretty much it! What would you want to do? I don't want my life to be full of regrets. 

Our pastor just preached a sermon based upon the movie, "The Bucket List." And it was really about the white throne judgement of God and how we will stand before God one day to be judged, not about things we wanted to do before we "kicked the bucket." And just last week his message was about the crowns we receive while we are here on earth. We shouldn't be trying to collect crowns to keep in heaven, but collect crowns that we will be able to cast down at the feet of Jesus. I realized that that should be my goal ... not just when I get to heaven,  but to lay everything I have at His feet daily. Because really, my accomplishments or rewards don't amount to much when compared to the price that was paid for me and just the simple fact that He's my Father, my Creator, my Provider, my Best Friend and so much more. And most of all He loves me in spite of myself and who I am because ya'll ... everything I am is filthy rags.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS SONG!  No matter what we are going through He is God alone and still on His throne.


Sarah said...

Amen, long lost sister!

Queen B said...

Great post.

Thanks for those words. A young mother at my daughter's school passed away unexpectedly last night. I have to say that this morning I have spent time thinking that if it had been me, what do I leave behind me? Not tangible things. But would I leave a legacy of the fruits of the Spirit?

I appreciate your words.

Carlie Faulk said...

Daphne, you're such an ispiration. :)

I hope you gave Beau a great big hug for a great answer!!

Jodie said...

I'm liking the Bucket List series. It gets me thinking - Jeff sent out a myspace bulletin recently asking for feedback. He wanted to know what people would have on their list. Mine looked something like this:
1. See with my own eyes Pemberley - basically to see where P&P was filmed.
2. To see New Zealand - esp. "Rivendale" where LOTR was filmed.
3. Buy an armload of flowers in an open flower market in France, or Holland, or London. Somewhere foreign where people have those oh so charming accents that I'm completely romanced by. (I didn't say ALL that to Jeff though). :)
4. And lastly, I would like to eventually work in a place where I have a part in rescuing young girls from childhood prostitution.
That's my list.
And this is a good post!