Saturday, March 15, 2008

Who's Sharon?

Last night we went to a performance of "Saviour" at my mom's church. She attends a Baptist church which is a lot more traditional than what we're used to at our church, but we enjoyed the evening. The choir and orchestra performed more of a classical style of music while Ballet Magnificat danced. They are a Christian ballet company and were very good. Watch this to learn more about them.

During one particular song, the singers sang lyrics of "the rose of Sharon, the rose of Sharon." To which Katie leaned over and asked me, "Who's Sharon?". Every time they sang the lyric she asked me the same question, "Who's Sharon?". I, of course said, "We'll talk about it later," myself not really knowing anything, but that it referred to Jesus, but I didn't know how. I was hoping my husband, the Bible scholar, would have known more details. He did know a little more, but was also unsure. So, here it is ... I found a good explanation here.

When and why the title “Rose of Sharon” was given to Jesus is rather vague. But at least two reasons as to why it might have been assigned to our Lord seem fairly clear. First, Jesus Christ is the pinnacle of beauty and splendor. Of course, His earthly body could not boast of such attributes (Isaiah 53:2), but His spiritual beauty and majesty remain unsurpassed by any created being in Heaven or on Earth (2 Peter 1:16). Second, Christ’s healing powers and pain-relieving actions find a definite point of comparison with those of the rock-rose. Is it any wonder that the “Great Physician,” Who came to heal those who were physically ill as well as those who were spiritually sick, should be given the name of a flower known for its sweet aroma and soothing medicinal qualities?

Although the Holy Spirit never chose to inspire the Bible writers to refer to Jesus as the “Rose of Sharon,” it nevertheless is a name we can employ to speak of the majesty, beauty, and healing power of our Lord.

As I see it, in a world that is not so beautiful at times, we can always cling to the most beautiful Rose of Sharon - Jesus! Nothing can compare to Him!