Friday, March 28, 2008

Thank God for makeup! Or does He even care?

It's a miracle how much better we feel when we put on makeup in the morning. If you are like me, there are those days (especially when you've been home sick for a while), when you just don't care and think, "Hey, I'm just going to run a few errands. Nobody will see me." And inevitably, you see about five people you know, and usually at least one person is someone you haven't seen since high school. There are even some people that I think, "Oh, they won't recognize me!" But, guess what? To my surprise, they do! Yay for me! Dirty hair pulled back in ponytail, pigtails, or hidden under a baseball cap ... glasses ... complexion not clear ... old t-shirt ... running shorts ... worn-out flip-flops - I say I'll never go out like this again, and then I forget that I told myself that, then, what do you know? ... ugliness, once again on display for everyone to see! (On a side note, I did run into my friend, Carlie today at Albertson's and she was helpful with my couponing and CVS questions. We'll have to talk later girl!)

Why is it that women in this society (and maybe it's just me) don't feel "pretty" going out in just their own natural state - makeup-less and all? Glad you asked. Because society says that our worth is in the way we look and being beautiful is of utmost important. But the Bible says that charm is deceitful and beauty is VAIN, but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised. Obviously not "praised" in this world! God says that man looks on the outward appearance, but He looks on the heart. God, I want my heart to be prettier than my face. How can I do this when my world around me says I'm never good enough? The world keeps telling me that I need not only make-up, but plastic surgery, Botox, Restylane, anti-wrinkle creams, highlights for my hair, designer clothes and don't forget shoes, and you'd better not be higher than a size 4, FATSO (I'm not a 4.) So how do I make myself feel better? Well, by looking at pictures of beautiful celebrities without their makeup, of course, and realizing I'm not alone. As Troy and Gabriella sang, "we're all in this together." We're all fighting the signs of aging, but as Christian women, we must remember that beauty will fade, and only one thing will be around forever - eternity with our Lord! So, if you want to feel better about yourself, just scroll down ... YOU ARE NOT ALONE! So, who cares? I challenge all you ladies to go makeup-less today! 
They did... 


Sarah said...

Love this post! I'm with you...I want my heart to be prettier than my face. I think I've just realized that it's when I am "pretty" on the inside, that I feel SO MUCH better about my outside, because the outside is then in perspective. Thank you for making me think :) PS - I too have looked at the celeb photos to reassure myself! HA! (it worked!)

pianomomsicle said...

This IS a great post!
Thanks for giving me something better to focus on today. That Bible verse is the first one my mom ever had me memorize.

Carlie Faulk said...

You looked fine toady :) I'm just glad you're feeling better. It's no fun being sick. Thanks for the link - see ya this weekend!

Beth said...

HI! My name is beth and I am a dear friend of Sarah - life in the parsonage - sarah.
she got me started on your blog and I love it!!!
I am from ARK! but I live here in Iowa near Sarah!
Your posts, sense of humor and love for the Lord make your blog so fun to read! Tonight I have finally had a chance to go back and read some of your older stuff.
Now my eyes are going crosseyed from staring at all the darling swirls on the layout for so long...really, I can't believe those darling swirls could wear out my eyes! really! love them, and now can't look at them another minute! he he!
So I will have to stop for now! I am at least as far back as March!
You are so fun!
my blog is:

thanks for sharing!