Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Hair Color and More ...

Last night, Katie decided to give her Mommy a new do. What do you think?
The hairstylist herself!
Mommy's new hair color - I decided to go blonder on the top and darker on the bottom. Of course, when I mentioned this style to my hubby, he said, "You're too old for that." Oh no, he 
di n't! In the end, he said he liked it. It really doesn't look that much different than what it was before, just more of a contrast in colors.
Here's the hunky husband now. He's dropped 25 lbs. so far since January and he's still losing. You go baby!
Be looking this week for my Pay It Forward Giveaway! I won this from Becky at Boys Rule My Life, now it's my turn.


Jodie said...

Daphne! Wussup guh!? I didn't know you was a blogger eithah. :) It's just not something you throw out like that though. Kinda like when people say, I didn't know you were a twin! Why didn't you tell me?! Wellll... it just never came up. :)

And hey I noticed you have an interesting Google ad - that's what you get when you post about herpes. haha! :)

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

I like the hair and you are NOT too old for it! Hubs man is lookin' great, too! Y'all are just getting spiffy!

Thanks for mentioning the giveaway... I had forgotten that I need to send that out! It's been a crazy couple of days... I wouldn't even know where to begin...

Teresa said...

Hey Daphne, You know I saw Nichole lastnight and we were talking about how I just started blogging a few weeks ago. She told me that you had a blog too. Then I get home and what do I find, a message from you. Too funny!
I can't believe you found me through money saving mom. I love that site!
Oh, tell your daughter that I love the "do" she gave you.:-)

Jill @ Live, Laugh, Blog said...

Thanks for your encouraging words from my last post! I really appreciate them.

Also, seeing your girls and all the fun things you guys do, gets me really excited about what's to come. After all this nursing & poopy diapers stage is over!

Carlie Faulk said...

I like the hair - what's up with Richard? Tell him to get with it - lol!

Yes - I blog. It's kinda new, but fun. My other site was getting overwhelming so I needed an uncluttered enviroment for all my deals and such.

See ya~

Sarah said...

Hi! I had to come check out your sight too :) LOVE the hair-do (both of em)...especially your expression with the ponytails...priceless! :)