Monday, March 17, 2008

My New Favorite Healthy Snacks & My Pay-It-Forward Giveaway

Tonight I was rummaging through the fridge and pantry to determine what snack I wanted to eat and I thought I would share with you my new snacks I've been eating a lot of lately. Do you get stuck on a few snacks for months and then get sick of them? That's what happens to me. So here they are:

1. Sunkist pistachio kernels (you do have to be careful with these ... only a few or lots of calories)
2. Orville Redenbacher's 100-calorie bags of popcorn - I like the Kettle Corn because you get a little sweet and a little salty all at one time.
3. Push-Ups - Who knew that something you loved as a kid would still be OK for you to eat as an adult? Only 80 calories! Yummy!
4. Peter Pan's Reduced-Fat Creamy Peanut Butter - I love this with bananas or just on a spoon.
5. Emerald's Dry Roasted Almonds - Delicious!
6. Yo Plus Yogurt for Digestive Health - Very good and creamy.
7. Little Cuties - tiny oranges ... I think clementines, not sure. So cute and so sweet - perfect snack!
8. Borden's 100-calorie cheese sticks - come in cheddar and pepper jack.

Do you have any other yummy and healthy snacks that I can try?

I won this from Becky at Boys Rule My Life and am now doing my own Pay It Forward Giveaway.
Here are the rules:
1. U.S. residents only please.
2. Bloggers only so that you can pay it forward on your blog.
3. When you win, you must do your own pay it forward giveaway.
4. To enter, leave a comment describing at least one thing that we have in common besides blogging. Then, tell me your top 3 choices for your prize. I will choose 3 winners next Monday and post who the winners are on my blog.

Go and tell all your friends to come on over and enter!

Up for grabs:
1. New Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap with Vitamins B5 & E - This is my favorite hand soap.
2. New Southern Living Light & Easy Comfort Food Cookbook (147 mouthwatering recipes for healthy family favorites) - just bought this from a Southern Living party. Can they do anything wrong? I love all their cookbooks!
3. New Gifts in a Jar for Kids - Recipes to make your own gifts - bought at a school book sale. Use these recipes to delight your friends and family. Each recipe includes gift tags for your convenience - just cut them out and personalize!
4. New BeautiControl Herbal Serenity Aromatherapy Show of Hands Instant Manicure - If you haven't tried this, you should! Instant softness - Dead sea salt exfoliates while mineral oils help nourish, moisturize, and protect for younger looking hands.
5. NOT PICTURED - $5.00 Gift Card to Starbucks! No explanation needed!


Jill said...

how fun!

The thing we have in common: We both have two adorable daughters each!

5.I would love the 5.00 gift card, because I do love me some coffee.
4. Instant Manicure? Yes please.
2. Cook book - because my family would like to eat something new.

Queen B said...

The thing we have in common: We are trying to eat healthy snacks and our husbands are surrounded by girls!

My choices:

1. The cookbook. Hello? SL? Yum!!
2. The soap. That is my favorite.
3. The Instant Manicure. My cuticles need emergency help.

My favorite healthy snack is a Zone Chocolate Caramel Cluster bar. Oh my. They are great. The full bar has 200 calories and the snack size has 80.

Thanks for the Pay It Forward!

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

What we have in common - love of books. I say that because it was your book giveaway that "attracted" me to you. I love books!

Anyway, again... don't enter me in the giveaway... I'm not going to do another one! HA! I just wanted to answer the question! :) Yes, I'm a bit of a nut.

Have a great night... off to bed I go!

PS. I put your candle in the mail today!

kristine said...

Since I am here....

The thing we have in common: we both can't decide if our favorite girl scout cookie is the thin mint or samoa. I mean, really, how can you pick? They're two totally different cookies!!

My choices:
#1 - The Starbuck's gift card!! Tall mocha frappuccinno - need *I* say more??

#2 - The instant manicure - being a mom of an 18 month old, 6.5 months pregnant with a (gasp) son! the wife of a busy man, taking care of the house and also working part time. I think it would be a little slice of heaven!

#3 - Southern Living Cookbook - I need more ideas for food. WE have had spaghetti hotdish too many times recently!!

How fun!