Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday not so good for me this year

This is me this morning. I woke up feeling YUCK! My throat is closed up and my body aches. And no, I didn't even brush my hair.
This is where I will stay today. This is my favorite spot - notice the laptops.
This is what I really need to do today. This is a chair that is designed for sitting that is being used as a laundry basket. Whether Mommy's sick or not, everyone still needs clean underwear.
This is my favorite coffee cup and the cookbook and magazines that I've been needing to read through for about a week.
This is the solution to 2 girls fighting over the Wii - Have them stand and kiss for as long as it takes for them to start getting along.
This is my beautiful daughter with a busted eye caused by some cootie-filled boy at school when he swung his gym bag and hit her in the eye with his deodorant. So much for Easter pictures!
Here we are creating our Easter egg masterpieces!
Hubby acting the fool by putting the egg dye box cut-outs on his eyes
Even more foolish was the fact that he created his egg by writing "Daphe is hot" on it and misspelling his own wife's name and then when I pointed it out to him, he took a Sharpie and drew in the "n" in the wrong place. Check out the arrow!
Here are our beautiful eggs ...
After this picture was taken, I promptly spilled the glass of purple egg dye all over the chair and floor and Katie ran screaming to the roll of paper towels because I splashed some on her face (apparently she took the word "dye" a little too seriously).

Wishing you a blessed Good Friday!


Sarah said...

What a day! Crack.Me.Up! LOVE hubbys something mine would do! Hope you have a great, healthy Easter.

Jodie said...

That picture of Rich ROCKS! And his egg, well, I think he got some of our "double portion". :)

Thanks for checking on me - I just hadn't had a lot of time - and I needed to upload some pics from the camera. And I needed Danny's help b/c I'm inept. :)

Hope your Easter was happy. Ours was. :)
Talk to you soon.