Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Getting on the American Idol Blogging Bandwagon

Just to let you know as a side-note ... take your kids to "Horton Hears a Who." I saw it with Katie this morning on a field trip. Loved it! I thought it even had spiritual meaning. I don't want to give it away, but the villain tells everyone not to believe in anything that they can't see, hear, or touch. That these things do not exist. Anyway, go see it. Oh, it's funny too. How can it not be when Jim Carey is Horton and Steve Carrell is the mayor of Whoville?

I read several blogs that post about American Idol. Being the American Idol fan that I am and not wanting all this musical knowledge to go to waste, I decided to do my own post. Doing Lennon/McCartney songs, here we go ...

First up, Amanda Overmyer (Back in the USSR) - I must say I do not particularly care for her voice. She can sing one style and one style only. Her voice is not at all pleasant to listen to ... sounds like an elderly smoker. She has been looking a lot better than she did that one night with the wild and crazy Medusa-looking hair.

Next, Kristy Lee Cook (You've Got to Hide Your Love Away)- I can't believe that she is still around, especially since last week's song was horrendous. She was quite pitchy, did best on her final note. I expect her to go this week or should I say, she should go this week.

Then, David Archuleto (The Long and Winding Road) - Started very nice ... song seemed to fit his voice well. I do think he has a nice tone to his voice. Much better than last week when he forgot his words - how awful for him! He'll probably be around a while - good job overall!

Michael Johns (A Day in the Life)- I like him. His voice is good and he has great stage presence. He has a little bit of Jim Morrison (The Doors) and Michael Hutchins (INXS) in the way he performs and interacts with the audience. His song tonight was OK ... nothing great!

Brooke White (Here Comes the Sun ) - I am definitely a fan of hers. She has such a pure, raw voice - love it! I've loved every song she's done. This is actually the song & performance I liked the least, but I still like her.

David Cook(Daytripper) - He's the resident rocker and reminds me a lot of Chris Daughtry from last year. Pretty good! The voice box was super cool! I predict he will be around a while! My favorite guy tonight!

Carly Smithson(Blackbird) - She is my absolute favorite! Her voice is amazing and what a range! She looked the best she's ever looked. And once again, great performance! I think she should be the winner if it's based on actual talent.

Jason Castro (Michelle) - He has been my favorite guy! He's so unique and another one with such a clear, pure voice. This particular performance was just OK, but I still like him. Here's another reason I like him - Watch this ...

Syesha Mercado (Yesterday) - She is another girl with a great voice, but I'm sorry, I was too distracted by her bosom to hear what she was singing. Cover those puppies up girl!

Chikezie (I've Just Seen a Face) - I like him more since last week, but didn't care for this week. What was that he was singing ... bluegrass?

Ramiele Malubay (I Shoulda Known Better) - Hated it! She's cute, but not a fan.


Queen B said...

I'm with you.

Except for Jason Castro. He's cute. I really want to like him. But I'm not sure yet. I'll get back with you on that.

I would have been happier if we wouldn't have had Beatles Week Two. I was kind of bored.

Glad you are on the bandwagon!!

Melzie said...

Yay thanks for blogging, I cannot read enough AI blog posts ;) xoxo melzie

Cobblestones said...

Thanks for posting the youtube of Jason. That's encouraging!

kristine said...

Hey there! I just wondered over here from Pianomomsicle because your last name sounded familiar...I don't know you, though. Anyways.. I thought I would tell you - the way to keep you giveaway post at the top is to go in to edit that particular post - go down to the bottom where it says "post options" and has a little triangle. click on post options. in there, you can change the date. what you need to do is date it out until you think you will be taking it down or past that... Good luck!
p.s. nice background... ;-)

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

You can also just make a little blurb with a link to the giveaway under Layout. I believe you make a new widget from the Text option. Then you can drag it over to the body part of the post. I know that probably sounds utterly confusing. Email me if you need help. :)

I'd love to chime in on the AI thing, but since we've disconnected our cable I'm not privy to the show anymore! :(

Oh, and would you say Horton is a good movie for a 5 year old? or a 2 year old? Or is it more for an 8 year old? Just wanting to know before I spend the $$$. Thanks!