Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol - March 25th

Ramiele - Please girl, don't try to do a Heart song, definitely not her style. It just showed how much better of a singer Carly is because of how great she did earlier on with her Heart song. I say, "Good-bye Ramiele."

Jason - Ya'll know l like him. I didn't care for his song, but I do like his voice. He's very endearing. I think he'll still be around after this week.

Syesha - She has got to stop the baby cry. It's weird! She did a great job on her song and she definitely has a good voice. I don't know why I don't care for her though. I just don't go "Wow" when she's done, but she can sing.

Chikezie - Never heard this song before and I was a lot older than him in 1985. He is another one that can definitely sing. His performance tonight was just OK.

Brooke - Oops! A little early at the beginning - I still love her! I agree with Randy on this one, it was just OK. And yes, it would have been better with just piano.

Michael - Whoa! I think this was awesome! He certainly took a chance on this song, but he did great on it. He's not going anywhere and I think he'll be around for a while.

Carly - How cute was she as a baby - Adorable! And, of course, my girl did an incredible job! She has the best voice! What in the world was Randy talking about? Hello? Did he even listen to her? If she is in the bottom three again, I'm not going to believe it. I'm going to make sure I vote for her right after the show.

David A.- The video of him dancing with his sister was precious. What is this song? Never heard it! Wow, I was 19 in 1990! This show is starting to make me feel old. He did a good job on this strange song, I guess. I do agree with Simon on the "theme park performance."

Kristy - She continues to be pitchy, even from the first few notes to the last. This was pretty bad. She has to go. I do agree with Simon that it was very smart of her to do this song. I guess it will be a lot harder for some people to vote her off because she's "proud to an American."

David C. - I was thrown off at first, but now, WOW! This is incredible! Way to take it and make it his own, extremely unique. Best male performance of the night!

Best female performance - Carly
Best male performance - David C.
Who should be voted off? Kristy and Ramiele


Queen B said...

I totally agree. My 4 faves are David C, David A, Carly & Brooke.

They need to ditch the others.

Queen B said...

Oh. I forgot about Micheal. He is a fave. So I have 5.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Yep, I completely agree with you on pretty much all of these. My favorites are Carly, Brooke, David C, and Michael. The rest can all go home... :)

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I posted the same thing about Syesha's baby cry!