Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This Blog Has Been Pirated for One Day!

OK, if you’re a reader/subscriber of this blog, if you’re a fellow cyber-geek, super net-mommy, or the casual passerby to this site, you probably already like my wife, Daphne. But the reasons you all like her are probably as varied as the colors of the rainbow, er, um, to put it in words you computer-nerd wannabes can understand, the colors of the spectrum of light penetrating the plasma membrane of your 1080p 1680x1050 widescreen (with, of course, the millions-of-colors setting – duh!).

But, now, it’s my turn. I told Daphne not to spend any money on Valentine’s Day this year, and that I was going to do something special for her, so here it is…

You guys cannot possibly believe how lucky and blessed of a guy I am. I have positively the prettiest, most awesome, hottest, sexiest bride anyone could ever ask for. As a matter of fact, take the prettiest, most awesome, hottest, sexiest bride you could ask for, then multiply it times ten, and you have Daphne on an off day.

She has supported me in anything and everything I’ve ever attempted. She’s even pushed me farther than I’ve cared to go myself (for the better, of course). She’s been the most loyal friend I’ve ever had, and I cannot imagine my life without her.

So, to you, Daphne, I say “Happy Valentine’s Day.” I hope it’s a great one, and I hope to have many more of them with you for years and years to come.

And this gift didn’t cost a thing.

P.S. Kylie says that I should call you “PHAT.”

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Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Dear Mr. Daphne (sorry but I'm still learning names around here),

I'm just getting to know your wife, but I like her already... especially since she's pretty, awesome, hot and sexy. LOL! Just kidding! ;)

Seriously though, I have really enjoyed this new bloggy friendship with her. I can see what a good supporter she is just by the comments and posts that she writes. You ARE a lucky man. :)

I enjoy blogging because I'm able to write down things I never would have otherwise.I know words can't always express the way we feel about our spouses, but I'd say you did a pretty great job! I hope y'all have a happy Valentine's Day together!

Oh, and it's nice to meet you, too!