Thursday, February 28, 2008

Call me a crazy ... I don't care.

Katie is competing in a speech competition tomorrow in New Orleans. She's reciting Robert Louis Stevenson's, "The Swing." I love this poem. It's a perfect length for a first-grader and she has great expression with it.

Anyway, so I have to drive to New Orleans this afternoon. She and I are going to stay at a hotel tonight so that we don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get over to the competition in the morning. Can I tell you that the thought of driving in New Orleans completely freaks me out? First of all, I already have to go over the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge which is 17 miles long, then over the Mississippi River Bridge, and I hate driving on bridges, especially tall, steep bridges.

I know those of you that live near more massive bridges are laughing at me right now. But, I even have nightmares about driving up these steep bridges and not being able to get over to the other side due to the fact that the bridge is so steep and my car is falling backwards. Then, of course, the bridge collapsing in Minnesota didn't help either. Look at this ...

Now, don't think I don't face my fear, because I do. I do still drive over the bridges and tell myself to just keep my eyes on the road, don't look right or left, and just breathe. So, now there will be more bridges to go over down in the swamp of New Orleans, not to mention speeding vehicles whizzing by me while I just search for my exit with my extremely bad eyes (don't get me started on my poor eyesight and the frustration that comes with it). I sound like an old lady. I'm going to take pictures tomorrow to put up on my blog (just not while I'm driving).


Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

I really don't like bridges either. My chest gets kind of tensed up when I go over them. I have this strange fear of drowning in a car underwater. Chills even thinking about it... yuck!

Anyhoo.... good luck on the drive and best of luck to your daughter! :)

pianomomsicle said...

i didn't mind bridges until after the 35W bridge (one that i drove on 3-4 times/week) collapsed. So now when i realize i'm on a bridge, i get nervous. But i don't realize it very much, thankfully:)

Jill said...

There's a tiny like 1 mile bridge out of destin, florida and it freaks me out every time.

Prayers for your safety and for Katie to kick some tail:)

Anonymous said...

I've had those same dreams, freaky! and I hate that Atachafalya bridge!