Monday, January 14, 2008

Weight Loss in the Gaspard Household

We did it!  One week and we've dropped a few pounds.  Richard lost 9.75 pounds and I lost 3.4 pounds in one week.  We are very proud.  We've been eating mostly lean meats, fruits, and vegetables, just a few good carbs here and there.  Richard has been walking with weights almost every night and I'm continuing aerobics and started a new kick-boxing class.  Well, we decided to celebrate yesterday with one reward meal.  Bad idea!  I think we overdid it.  Richard really wanted Mexican food ... I have a definite problem involving chips and salsa.  The problem being - I can't stop eating them once I start.  So our family did go through 2 baskets of chips.  At the end of the last basket, I even fought Katie for the last few crumbs.  Richard and I did OK on our meal choice by splitting a single order of chicken and shrimp fajitas, however, both the girls had leftovers on their plates.  So, in addition to the chips and fajitas, I added half a small chimichanga and Richard added a chicken enchilada to our caloric intake for the day.  Lesson Learned:  Rewarding does not mean gorging.  So now we're back on track for another week of discipline, involving excessive exercise, boiled eggs, Slim-Fast, lettuce, and 11 (24 for Richard) (8 oz.) glasses of water.