Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend of PJs & Pizza

This pic pretty much sums up our weekend.  (Roxy takes a break from her long weekend of napping.)  Is it wrong to not go outside all weekend long?  To stay in your PJs all day Saturday only to bathe and put on fresh PJs for Sunday?  To not go to church this weekend? (Can you feel the guilt?)  I did it.  Sometimes we just need a weekend off!  Away from the outside world!  My girls have stayed in with me.  We have been total couch potatoes.  We watched the marathon of "Miss America:  Reality Check," and then, finally the contest.  Only one favorite in the top - Miss Virginia.  Never even really saw Miss Louisiana.  I finally got to catch up on a little laundry and cleaning.  Tonight, it's pizza for all because tomorrow it's back to being supermommy/loving,caring wife/best employee my husband ever had or will have (Sorry, Tiff!  He likes you too.)/work-out queen (especially hard because of all the carbs I ate this weekend)/smiling-face, joyful, happy woman of God!