Friday, January 11, 2008

Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers' Mania

What is the deal?  The world of 7-11-year-olds has gone crazy over Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, the Cheetah Girls, etc.  Parents down here in LA have lost their mind and will literally hurt you for tickets to see their concerts.  The girls and I have already seen the Cheetah Girls with Hannah Montana, so they were OK with the fact that the tickets for her new show sold out in about 10 minutes.  Can you believe that?  Billy Ray Cyrus and his "achy, breaky heart" have never seen fame like this.  So, after all the drama down here with tickets, now here come the Jonas Brothers.  I'm already stressed just thinking about trying to get tickets.  I'm thinking I should just hide the fact that they're coming.  Then, I realized that we drive by the Cajundome every day ... and both my girls can read ... kids at school could say something to them ... Is there any way I can keep this from them?  Probably not!  So, I guess I'll be in line with all the other mothers trying to get tickets ... and don't you dare try to get in my way, because I am not afraid to lay you out (Did I say that out loud?)