Saturday, January 26, 2008

Best and Worst Hour of TV

Best Hour - Thursday, 8:00 - because all the shows I like are on.  Worst hour - Thursday, 8:00 - because all the shows I like are on. You know you can't DVR more than 2 shows at a time.  My favorite show right now is "Grey's Anatomy," although it has lost some of its appeal since Kate Walsh and the other guy (you know the "doctor" who made the negative comments about his gay co-star) have left the show.  But, McDreamy and McSteamy are still there.  I'm not too sure about the new Dr. Hahn.  I also really like "C.S.I.,"(sad to see Sarah leave the show) and "Celebrity Apprentice."  I have really only been watching "Celebrity Apprentice" lately since this writer's strike.  It seems like every show except reality TV shows are re-runs.  

First of all, I'm not understanding Donald Trump's selection of "celebrities."  Most are has-beens and to include Omarosa as a "celebrity" is quite an insult to all celebrities.  I'm happy to see that Gene Simmons has been fired and can't wait to see Omarosa go.  I really like Marilu Henner for the women's team and Piers Morgan and Stephen Baldwin for the men's team.  
Honorable mentions are:  "American Idol" (which I love and the season's just started, but I will definitely mention this one later), "The Biggest Loser," and "The Office."

This is a post in response to CHBM's Collaboration post.


dcrmom said...

Thanks for the compliments on my blog! I'm a total reality TV fan, but I don't watch the Apprentice shows. I used to watch CSI but it got too gory, and I never got into Grey's although I'd like to rent the first season and see how I like it!

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

I don't like Dr. Hahn either!