Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Bangles it is!

So the song I chose to sing for the banquet is "Eternal Flame," by the Bangles.  How much did you love this group?!  I loved them (like, for sure).  Ahhh ... the 80's!  The tight-rolled jeans, leg warmers, enormous earrings, jellies, and huge hair ... what were we thinking?  Some of my all-time favorite movies were from the 80's ... of course, "The Breakfast Club," "Some Kind of Wonderful," "Dirty Dancing," "Flashdance," "Ferris Bueller's Day Off,"Sixteen Candles," and too many others to mention.  I remember that my mom allowed me to stay up late one night a week because my favorite TV show, "Charlie's Angels," was on. 

I idolized Jaclyn Smith.  I wanted to be her with her beautiful feathered long brown hair, perfect skin, perfect body, and of course, street smarts.  My friend and I would play "Charlie's Angels," and I wouldn't play if I couldn't be Jaclyn Smith.  Why did no one ever want to be the smart one - Sabrina (a.k.a. Kate Jackson)?  She was cute too.  She was always last pick.  I even wrote a fan letter to Jaclyn Smith and she sent me an autographed postcard and a sample of Enjoli, her perfume at the time.  Remember that?  "I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan .... 'cause I'm a woman ... Enjoli."  Ahhh ... those were the good 'ole days!  Look at the role models young girls have today ... Britney, Paris, Nicole, Lindsay.  I'll take Jaclyn Smith over them any day.  I'm ready for my girls to have some better role models.  Right now, I'm trying to keep them interested in Miley Cyrus.  She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and good morals and dresses stylishly, but modestly.  And they love her!  Bravo, Miley, Bravo!