Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why Blog?

I have asked myself this question for a long time.  As I have reached the point of no return and am unable to check that 25-35 age box anymore (It kills me - 36-44!), I have realized that there are people that are too important and have meant too much to us not to keep in touch with - hence the blog!  Don't presume we think ourselves so important that people would actually care about our little life, but for the few of you (you know who you are) that have been like family to Richard and me throughout these 36 years, this is for you.  This is for our old friends - Westminster, Abbeville High, USL, Skyscrapers, Tulsa, ORU, and those back here in Lafayette with us now.  We want to hear from you and keep in touch with you!  Let us know how your family is and what you're doing.  We'll post what's happening here and you post what's happening there.  We'll ask deep thought-provoking questions like,"What does Geronimo say when he jumps out of a plane?" and you answer them.

Here's what's happened:
Richard and I just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary.  It seems like just yesterday that we were those giggling kids at the altar saying our "I do"s.  Don't worry.  If there was ever any doubt in your mind that we were not as crazy in love like we were back then, erase it!  It only gets better with time.  After our first 6 married years in Tulsa (which were some of the best years of our lives), we packed up all our stuff, along with little 3-year-old Kylie, our dog, Abi, and my huge 8-month-pregnant body into a UHAUL and headed back home to Lafayette.  The first few months were rough, living with Richard's mom, but we managed to stay there long enough for baby-Katie-Mac to be born.  Richard worked at a local advertising agency for a while and eventually was hired on as the Media Director at Crossroads Church (our home church, where we met).  I started teaching 2nd grade at Westminster Christian Academy, the school I actually graduated from.  I loved it, but was left very drained at the end of the day, and there was no Mommy left for my children.  Now, I also work at the church with Richard.  I am his assistant.  I know some of you are saying, "How in the world is that going to work?"  Believe it or not, Richard and I get along very well.  He just doesn't like me calling him "Baby" or "Honey" at work, which makes me just do it more of course.  I don't like being sexually harassed on a daily basis, but I guess we all have our crosses to bear.  

Anyway, Kylie is now 10-years-old and loves music.  She is in her fifth year of piano and first year of guitar.  She has done a little local children's theatre.  She just finished her role as the Wicked Witch of the West.  Kylie is also on the puppet team at the church and really enjoys it.  She is reaching that age where hormones are rearing their ugly head.  So, a whole new set of issues to deal with there.  But, she is a very sweet, sensitive and tender-hearted little girl.  She is compassionate and loves to make gifts for people and help others. Kylie has become more shy and quiet as she has gotten older (I know you Tulsa people can't believe that.).

On the total opposite end of the spectrum, there's Katie who's always ready to put on a show for you.  MAJOR DRAMA QUEEN!!  She loves soccer and her team was number two this season.  She also loves to dance, but soccer takes up three days of her week, so, not much time for anything else.  Katie is definitely a leader and not a follower.  She has a heart for God and loves to pray.  She sings with the songsters at church where she can help lead praise and worship.

Well, that's where we are right now!  Where are you and what are you doing?  Let us know.  


Kelly said...

Ole Richard! We must get together sometime so we can all meet each others families. Some of my funnest memories are you and Stacy. I'll never forget either one of you. Thanks for adding me to the blog! I hope you have a great Christmas! You have a great looking family!

Kim Chandler said...

I betcha that lady in the background would die if she knew her butt was online....heehee

Anonymous said...

Word up to the Gaspards from da Johnsons. Once again in place of a cmas card you get me saying "Word up" which I really do mean by the way. The expectant mother is alittle distracted this yr. so this will have to do.

Anonymous said...

Hey yau'll. Hope your Christmas was all that and a bunch of presents. I agree with your blog on two fronts; I hate that 36-44 box too and it only gets better with time, the relationship I mean. Have a great08'. Much love~C.