Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post-Christmas Post

Okay, so Daphne is all keyed up on the blogging thing, and she's saying weird things like "I've got to check my blog" and "I wonder if anyone has read the new post yet." If you lived with this woman, you would truly understand my consternation regarding her "new attitude." I still question her about the "crazy in love" statement on the first post (TOTALLY not her personality).

So if Monday was Christmas Eve, and yesterday was Christmas Day, then I guess today is Christmas Aft.  I'm sitting here on the couch, watching three of the four ladies of the house (the other one is on her back playing with a chew toy someone threw in our yard - and, no we don't have a third child, I'm referring to Foxy Roxy, the Puppy with Moxie), trying to figure out our new Wii. They're arguing and bickering, and I, the silent observer/blogger, am completely in awe of the wonderful family God has given me.

What did you guys do for Christmas? Get any good stuff? Daphne got a new robe (which she's returning), perfume, a cell phone (with mp3 player), and a bunch of other little items. I got a "Biggest Loser" book, a Billy Blanks workout DVD set (with the elastic bands - puhlease, I'll snap those things like twigs), and some clothes, of which one of the shirts, is too small. I think someone (shall we refer to her as "santa" or should we rearrange the letters to spell something else, as in "satan?") is trying to tell me something. I'll show her...when I'm all buff and chicks are totally checking me out, I'm just gonna look at her with a "you're so lucky to have this beef-cake for a husband" expression.

Hey, I can dream can't I?

But seriously, our church is doing a "Biggest Loser" series, with a prize for the actual biggest loser. She's just helping me score big and win.

That's her story anyway.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to the Gaspards,
Laura and I had a wonderful Christmas in Houston. We started our own tradition to receive Christmas morning in our own house. Laura got (from me) a blouse and a sweater and nice jacket. She loved them. I got a wonderful espresso maker that foams the milk and everything. We're both very happy.
I like the idea of your blog... we'll be sure to keep checking it.
Merry Christmas!!

Karis Brister said...

this cracked me up!! hahaha.. and yes.. I went back to the beginning.. Bored at work probs.. and I miss yall so very much.