Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year again . . . time for New Year's resolutions.  Everyone has them, but will we really stick to them?  Here are our resolutions for 2008:  #1 Richard would like to be the "biggest loser" and lose a lot of weight, so that he can be, as he says, "all buff" and apparently his number #2 resolution related to this is for "chicks to totally be checking him out."  #3  Of course, I have had the same resolution to lose weight every year since I could make resolutions and I am in a constant battle with the bulge.  #4  Richard is working on getting his ministerial license finalized - You can just call him "Reverend Rich."  #5  Richard would like to go back to school this fall to work on his master's degree in communications.  (When he's done, I'll get to go back for my master's in counseling.)  #6  Richard also wants to launch his own website ( and start his side business of consulting with churches.  #7  We both want to commit more time to the study of God's Word and in prayer.  #8  And last, but not least, I want to keep up my record of kicking Richard's butt in Wii boxing every night.  Anyone have any better resolutions than this?  Let's hear 'em.

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Kari said...

ok, once that website is up, I have to know! That is a great idea! Also, I have secretly been calling him Reverend Rich for awhile. I am really excited about you pursuing a Master's, since you're unofficially counseling some of us already.